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October 18, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
Roll Call Establish a Quorum
2. The Board will conduct a workshop in conjunction with SISD Administration a  School Year Review as of Date regarding the goals, objectives of the district and the general culture/atmosphere of SISD students, staff, parents, and community as all relates to the implementation of goals and objectives related to the implementation of the P-20 Model of Education. 
3. Public Comments/Open Community Forum:  The public is invited to sign up and speak on matters of concern.  However, board members cannot discuss matters of Open Community Forum.  Each speaker is limited to 5 minutes.  Sign in with the recording secretary
4. Superintendents Report: Parent and Student Recognition, Audit Review, Student Enrollment/Absent Spreadsheet, Meeting with WTAMU staff, Meeting with Commissioner Morath, Update over Embryo Transfer Technician Certification, Presentation at Panhandle Association of School Boards, Legislative Update, AASA Model Demonstration Site,  Board Day Trip as it relates to Team of 8 Training, and Board President Comments.
5. Administrative Reports

High School Principal/Chief Academic Officer: School Activities/Student Success, Career Technology, Student Life, and Counselors Corner

Middle School Principal: School Activities, Academics and Student Success

Athletic Director: Athletic Period, Pre-Athletics, Football, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Powerlifting, Basketball, & Softball, Golf, Tennis, Track & Field, Athletic Trainer and Overall Attitude of the Program

Elementary Principal/Early Childhood Director: School Activities, Academics and Student Success

Career/Technology Director: Career and Technology  Reports

Operations and Transportation Report .
6. Consent Agenda (Action Required)
7. Regular Board Meeting Minutes, September 13, 2021
8. Sunray P-20 Convenant 
Description:  CEN is now a Technical Assistance Provider through TEA and in order to receive all the grants and network connections we have to approve the P-20 Convenant.  The cost associated on the page is directly paid out of grants we have received and the future cost will also be paid out of grants. 
9. Fund Balance Designation 
Description:  Each year after the audit the board has to readopt a Fund Balance Designation Statement 
10. Revised AE (LOCAL) Policy 
Description:  The change to this policy is required through the grants we are receiving.  
11. Management Agreement/Business Model  for Sunray Animal Hospital 
Description:  This is the agreement that allows the district to be financial manager of the Sunray Animal Hospital.  We discussed back in June about the business model of the hospital would be set up with all the revenue coming to the district. 
12. Bills As Paid
13. Financial Report
14. New Business
15. Discuss Possible May 2022 Bond Restructing/Election to include: Timeline, Pricing Structure, Amount, Tax Rate Impact and Proposed Projects (No Action Required/Discussion Only) 
16. Consider Board Resolutions: Sunray ISD Name Official Name Change Resolution and Declaration of Hazard Traffic Conditions and High Risk Area Resolution (Action Required) 
Description:  The first resolution officially changes the name of the district to Sunray Collegiate ISD and the second resolution allows us to collect funding for operating a bus route within the city limits. 
17. Construction Update:  The board will tour the construction sites at each campus and will discuss any future campus expansion needs. (No Action Required) 
18. Consider Adjournment (Action Required) 
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