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July 11, 2011 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Roll Call
2. Spotlight on Learning
Description:  Ride new bus to the gym for a closer look at the floor.
3. Open Forum
4. Reports
4.A. Financial/Tax Collection/Investments
4.B. 2011 Preliminary Values
4.C. 2011-12 Budget Preview
4.D. GASB Policy Changes
4.E. Elementary Principal
Description:  Student Handbook, Summer School, Pre-Kindergarten
4.F. Middle School Principal
Description:  Summer School, New Teachers, Master Schedule, and Student-Parent Handbook
4.G. High School Principal
Description:  July TAKSTesting, Scheduling FFA, Band, Cheerleading, Staffing, Student Handbook
4.H. Athletic Director
Description:  7 on 7, Girls Basketball league, Girls Basketball Camp, Strength and Conditioning
4.I. Maintenance/Transportation
Description:  Maintenance/Transportation
4.J. Programs Director
Description:  Title I and SCE, CSCOPE Implementation Training, Curriculum Director's Meeting, Title I and SCE Consultation Meeting, Professional Development Plan Meeting, Instructional Coaching for Administrators - Level I, Safety Training, and Perkins (CTE) Effectiveness Review
4.K. ESL/Bilingual Report
4.L. Handbooks and Guidelines
4.L.1. 1st Reading
4.L.1.a. Band Handbook
4.L.2. 2nd Reading
4.L.2.a. Employee Handbook
4.L.2.b. High School Student Handbook
4.L.2.c. Athletic Handbook
4.L.2.d. Cheerleader Rules and Guidelines
4.M. 1st Reading of the Student Code of Conduct
4.N. Region 16 ESC Contracts
4.O. Second reading of Policy Update 90, affecting local policies (see attached list)
4.O.1. Policy EIA(LOCAL) and EIC(LOCAL) related to STAAR and EOC
4.O.2. Resolution to suspend EIE(LOCAL) related to grade 5 & 8 promotion requirements with STAAR
5. Consent Agenda
Description:  Information on these items has been sent to the Board of Trustees for review prior to the meeting. Any Board member may pull any item from the consent agenda (without a second) for deliberation prior to consideration. Any item pulled will be considered with the business items on the agenda.
5.A. Approval of minutes of previous meeting, June 13, 2011
5.B. Approval of expenditures
5.C. Conduct Readings of Handbooks & Guidelines
5.C.1. 1st Reading of Handbooks & Guidelines
5.C.1.a. Band Handbook
5.C.2. 2nd Reading of Handbooks & Guidelines
5.C.2.a. Employee Handbook
5.C.2.b. High School Student Handbook
5.C.2.c. Athletic Handbook
5.C.2.d. Cheerleader Handbook
5.D. Approve ESL/Bilingual Report
5.E. Conduct 1st Reading of the Student Code of Conduct
5.F. Approve Region 16 ESC Contracts
5.G. Conduct 2nd Reading and Approval of Policy Update 90, affecting local policies
5.G.1. Approve Policy EIA(LOCAL) and EIC(LOCAL) related to STAAR and EOC
5.G.2. Approve resolution to suspend Policy EIE(LOCAL) related to grade 5 & 8 promotion requirements related to STAAR for 2011-12
6. Business
6.A. Personnel
6.A.1. Accept Resignation
6.A.2. Hire Teacher
6.A.3. Reduce local sick leave for all employees to three (3) days-DEC(LOCAL)
6.A.4. Reduce district contribution for employee insurance from $300 to $275 per month
6.B. Gym Maintenance Needs
6.C. Ag Farm Lease/Purchase
6.D. Consideration of passage of an order authorizing the issuance and sale of Sunray Independent School District Unlimited Tax School Building Bonds, Series 2011; levying a tax and providing for the security and payment thereof; approving the acceptance of a bid; approving the official statement; and enacting other provisions relating thereto
6.E. Consideration to approve architect plans as presented or call special meeting to discuss them with Mr. Butler
6.F. Consideration to reduce Prekindergarten from Full Day  (1.0 day) to 1/2 Day (0.5)
6.G. Consideration to approve parking lot striping bid
7. Superintendent Remarks
7.A. Legislative Update
7.B. TASB Convention in Austin on September 30-October 2, 2011
7.C. ISS After Regular School Hours
7.D. Reception Honoring Larry Appel at AC-Moore County Campus on July 24 from 2:00-4:00
7.E. Safety & Security Training for Administration Team
7.F. Other
8. Adjournment
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