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July 12, 2010 at 7:00 PM - Regular

1. Roll Call
2. Spotlight on Learning - Summer Conference in San Antonio/Ft Worth- Bruce, Richard and Casey
3. Open Forum
4. Reports
4.A. Financial/Tax Collection/Investments
4.B. 2010 Preliminary Values
4.C. 2010-11 Budget Preview
4.D. Elementary Principal
4.E. Middle School Principal
4.F. High School Principal
4.G. Athletic Director
4.H. Maintenance/Transportation
4.I. Programs Director
4.J. ESL/Bilingual Report
4.K. Handbooks and Guidelines
4.K.1. 1st Reading
4.K.2. 2nd Reading
4.L. Student Code of Conduct
4.M. TASB Convention Delegate/Alternate
4.N. TASB Board of Director from Region 16
4.O. Solution Sessions
4.O.1. DEC (LOCAL) 1st Reading
5. Consent Agenda
Description:  Information on these items has been sent to the Board of Trustees for review prior to the meeting. Any Board member may pull any item from the consent agenda (without a second) for deliberation prior to consideration. Any item pulled will be considered with the business items on the agenda.
5.A. Approval of minutes of previous meeting, June 14, 2010
5.B. Approval of expenditures
5.C. Approve 1st Reading of Hanbooks & Guidelines
5.C.1. Approve 1st reading of Progessive Discipline Guide
5.C.2. Approve 1st Reading of ES Student Handbook
5.C.3. Approve 1st Reading of MS Student Handbook
5.C.4. Approve 1st Reading of Employee Handbook
5.D. Approve 2nd Reading of Handbooks and Guidelines
5.D.1. Approve 2nd Reading of HS Student Handbook
5.D.2. Approve 2nd Reading of Band Handbook
5.E. Approve ESL/Bilingual Report
5.F. Approve Student Code of Conduct
5.G. Endorse TASB Board of Director from Region 16
5.H. Elect Convention Delegate and Alternate to TASB Convention
6. Business
6.A. Personnel
6.A.1. Resignations/Retirements
6.A.2. Hire Teachers/Coaches
6.A.3. Hire Middle School Principal
6.B. Designate Financial Officers
6.C. Ag Farm Lease/Purchase
7. Superintendent Remarks
7.A. TASB Convention
7.B. Signatures on Bank Accounts
7.C. Other
8. Adjournment
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