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August 8, 2011 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Roll Call
2. Pictures for School Board Display
Description:  Angeleta Crenshaw will be here at 7:00 to take individual pictures for the panel/frame I will place in the administrative office of the school board.
3. Open Forum
4. Reports
4.A. Financial/Tax Collection/Investments
4.B. Certified Values for 2011
4.C. 2011-2012 Budget Preview
4.D. Notice of Public Meeting to Discuss Budget and Proposed Tax Rate
4.E. Programs Director Report
Description:  Title I and State Comp Ed, Instructional Materials Allotment Overview, Sheltered Instructional Observational Protocol Coaching, Moore Healthy Families, Personnel
4.F. Elementary Principal
Description:  Student Handbook, Back to School Open House, Grade Level Enrollments (Predictions), New Teacher/Paraprofessional Assignments
4.G. Middle School Principal
Description:  New Staff, Anticipated Enrollment figures, Back to School Open House, Student Handbook
4.H. High School Principal
Description:  1st Day Activities, Band News, Back to School Night
4.I. Athletic Director
Description:  Relentless Effort, Football, Cross Country, Upcoming Events
4.J. Maintenance/Transportation
Description:  Maintenance, Transportation
4.K. PDAS 2011-12 Calendar and Appraisers
4.L. Transfers Students for 2011-12
4.M. Option 3 to Equalize Property Wealth
4.N. Accountability Ratings
4.O. Team of 8 Operating Procedures
4.P. Handbook & Guidelines-2nd Reading
4.P.1. Employee Handbook
4.P.2. Progressive Discipline Guide
4.P.3. Middle School Student Handbook
4.P.4. Elementary School Student Handbook
4.P.5. Band Handbook
4.Q. Student Code of Conduct-2nd Reading
4.R. Policy EHBB (LOCAL) GT Students-2nd Reading
4.S. Policy DEC (LOCAL) Regarding Local Sick Leave-2nd Reading
4.T. TEA Waiver for Data Portal
5. Consent Agenda
Description:  Information on these items has been sent to the Board of Trustees for review prior to the meeting. Any Board member may pull any item from the consent agenda (without a second) for deliberation prior to consideration. Any item pulled will be considered with the business items on the agenda.
5.A. Approval of minutes of previous meeting, July 11, 2011
5.B. Approval of expenditures
5.C. Conduct 2nd Reading of Handbooks and Guidelines
5.C.1. Employee Handbook
5.C.2. Progressive Discipline Guide
5.C.3. Middle School Student Handbook
5.C.4. Elementary School Student Handbook
5.C.5. Band Handbook
5.D. Approve Contract to Exercise Option 3 for Chapter 41
5.E. Approve Team of 8 Operating Procedures
5.F. Approve/Deny Transfer Students for 2010-11
5.G. Call for meeting to discuss Budget and Proposed Tax Rate for August 22, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.
5.H. Approve PDAS Appraisal Calendar and Appraisers for 2011-12
5.I. Approve 2011-12 Student Code of Conduct
5.J. Approve/conduct 2nd Reading of EHBB (LOCAL) GT Students
5.K. Approve/conduct 2nd Reading of DEC (LOCAL) Local Sick Leave
5.L. Approve TEA Waiver for Data Portal
6. Business
6.A. Team of Eight Level II Training
6.B. Adopt GASB Fund Balance Policy
6.C. Personnel
6.C.1. Hire Instructional Aides
6.D. Hire Construction Manager-Agent
6.E. Ag Farm Lease/Purchase
7. Superintendent Remarks
7.A. TASB Convention in Austin on September 30-October 2, 2011
7.B. Breakfast of Champions--Tuesday, August 16, at 8:30 AM
7.C. Parking Lot Striping Update
7.D. TEC Orientation and Update
7.E. ISS Held After School Hours
7.F. Lunch with Happy State Bank on Thursday, August 18, at 11:30
7.G. Bids for Fuel, Athletic Supplies, Maintenance Supplies and Office Supplies
7.H. Membership in Texas School Coalition
8. Adjournment
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