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February 17, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Board of Supervisors Meeting

1. Call to Order
Description:  Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation
Roll Call
2. Approval of Minutes:
2.A. Consideration to approve the January 20 meeting minutes
3. Correspondence: None
4. Pennsylvania State Police In-Person Report
5. WHT Fire Company In-Person Report
6. Public Comment 
7. Presentations, Staff & Board Reports:
7.A. January Zoning Report
7.B. January Engineer's Report
7.C. January Environmental Advisory Council Meeting Minutes
7.D. January Parks & Recreation Board Meeting Minutes
7.E. January South Central EMS Chief's Report
7.F. Property Maintenance Log for January 27 through February 3
7.G. Public Works Daily Report for January 17 through February 13
8. Treasurer's Report:
8.A. Monthly Deposits for January were $92,351.92
Description:  $58,815.65
8.B. Expenditures:
8.B.(1) Payroll for January 28 - Net: $38,276.64, Gross: $50,930.16
8.B.(2) Payroll for February 11 - Net: $43,295.92, Gross: $46,372.07
8.B.(3) Vouchers pre-paid via paper check for January were $85,015.64
Description:  Admin, Parks, PW: $
Fire Tax: $
8.B.(4) Vouchers pre-paid via ACH transfer & Vendor Sites for January were $247,522.45
Description:  $
9. Old Business: None
10. Zoning & Planning:
10.A. Consideration of Prologis Final Subdivision and Land Development Plan  #21.005, 7464 & 7600 Linglestown Road; and Wavier of the Preliminary Plan Requirements Section 173-11
10.B. Consideration of Resolution 2022-28 and Deed of Dedication of White Birch Lane and Beaver Creek Road in Brookview Phase 4, as reviewed by HRG
10.C. Consideration of Resolution 2022-29 and Deed of Dedication of Rock Ridge Avenue in Winslett Phase 5, as reviewed by HRG
10.D. Consideration of Financial Security Adjustment #2 for Landis Crossing in the amount of $144,528, leaving a balance of $420,485, as reviewed by HRG
10.E. Consideration of Final Security Adjustment #2 for Sterling Road, Lot 13 Subdivision in the amount of $6,180, bringing the balance to 0, as reviewed by HRG 
11. New Business:
11.A. Consideration to approve the proposal from HRG to perform a RoadBotics scan of the Township roadways and preparation of the associated Roadway Capital Improvement Plan in the amount of $28,000
11.B. Consideration to hire Dana Mitro as Assistant Zoning & Planning Administrator to be effective Tuesday, March 8, 2022
11.C. Consideration of donating to the Pennsylvania Leadership Institute to provide educational services for public officials and persons engaged in governmental services in the amount of $500
11.D. Consideration of a Septic Pumping Extension for 7916 Greenhill Road.  There is only one individual living in the home
11.E. Consideration of Resolution 2022-30, Fees charged by the Elected Tax Collector.  Tom Stewart is requesting an increase of the Tax Certification Fee from $32.00 to $40.00
11.F. Consideration of Resolution 2022-31, Re-adopt the Dauphin County and West Hanover Township Emergency Operations Plan that is currently in effect
11.G. Consideration of Resolution 2022-32, LSA Application for New Fire Engine/Rescue
11.H. Acceptance of Gloria Zimmerman's resignation from the Parks & Recreation Board
11.I. Consideration of Resolution 2022-33 to appoint Julie Young to the Parks & Recreation Board, Seat #2
11.J. Consideration of Resolution 2022-34 to appoint Mike Powell to the Parks & Recreation Board, Seat #5
12. Public Comment    
Description:  Please limit comments to 3-5 minutes.
13. Parks & Recreation Upcoming Events:
13.A. 3/2 – 3/30 – AARP Tax Prep (M, W, F)
3/9 - Golden Oldies Night 7 – 10 pm  ($5)
3/12 - Spring Indoor Yard Sale 8 am – 12 noon 
3/16 – Hunterdon Hill Playhouse “The Irish Cabaret” featuring Andy Cooney Bus Trip
3/17 – Senior Luncheon – Country Sausage, Scallop Potatoes, Succotash, Dinner roll Dessert:  Assorted Cup Cakes
3/18 – Auction – Hoffman Hall 5 – 8 pm
3/23 – Drive-thru Chicken Pot Pie 12 – 6 pm ($7)
3/24 – Blood Drive
3/26 – Craft Fair @ Houck Manor – 9 am -1 pm
3/31 – Yakov … Make America Laugh Again Bus Trip
14. March 3 Public Workshop on Proposed Township Complex
15. Supervisor Comments
16. Adjournment

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