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June 4, 2018 at 7:00 PM - Board of Supervisors Meeting

1. Call to Order
Description:  Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation
2. Roll Call:
Description:  Connors, Stacey
Megonnell, Jay
Miller, Kyle
Steinmeier, Don
Zimmerman, Gloria

3. Approval of Minutes:
3.A. Regular Meeting Minutes
4. Correspondence:
4.A. D.Smith Resignation Letter
4.B. Waste Management Updates
5. Public Comment:
Description:  Please limit comments to 3-5 minutes
6. Public Meetings/ Hearings:
7. Presentations, Staff & Board Reports
8. Treasurer's Report
8.A. Fund Balances as of 06/01/18
Description:  These are presented for reference only & are not an audited figure.
General Fund Balance $4,138,481.25
Liquid Fuels $781,293.33
Capital Reserve Fund $654,725.23
8.B. Deposit Activity since 05/21/18
Description:  $52,061.09
8.C. Expenditures:
8.C.(1) Payroll, May 25, 2018
Description:  Net $27,196.28
Gross $39,517.56
8.C.(2) Vouchers pre-paid to meet due dates
Description:  $50,778.62
8.C.(3) Vouchers pre-paid from Fire Tax to meet due dates
Description:  $2,331.64
9. Planning Commission & Zoning Reports:
10. Old Business:
10.A. Discussion - Townes of Hershey, SW & Road Issues
10.B. Motion - Pay increase for Zoning & Planning Administrator
11. New Business
11.A. Consent Items: Section 607(4):
11.A.(1) 7720 Fishing Creek Valley Road
11.B. Motion - Consent Request Summer Parks Help
12. Other Business:
13. Public Comment    
Description:  Please limit comments to 3-5 minutes.
14. Supervisor's Comments:
15. Adjournment:

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