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December 7, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Board of Supervisors Meeting

1. Call to Order
Description:  Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation
Roll Call
2. Approval of Minutes:
3. Correspondence: None
4. Public Comment: 
5. Presentations, Staff & Board Reports:
6. Treasurer's Report:
6.A. Fund Balances:
Description:  These are presented for reference only & are not an audited figure.
Mid Penn Bank General Fund Balance $2,826,667.38
Mid Penn Bank Liquid Fuels $1,179,681.76
Mid Penn Bank Capital Reserve Fund $608,802.32

Fulton General Fund Balance $1,047,064.92
6.B. Expenditures:
6.B.(1) Payroll, December 4, 2020
Description:  Net $28,074.87
Gross $37,375.64
6.B.(2) Vouchers pre-paid via paper check
Description:  Admin, Parks, PW: $73,523.41
Fire Tax: $9,550.98
All other checks paid: $182,203.95
6.B.(3) Vouchers pre-paid via ACH transfer
Description:  $215,565.37
6.B.(4) Vouchers pre-paid via vendor sites
7. Old Business: None
8. Other Business: 
9. New Business:
9.A. To Approve the Preliminary Budget for 2021
9.B. Authorization to Advertise 2021 Budget for Public Comment
9.C. Financial Security Release 7665 Jonestown Road
9.D. Financial Security Release 7600 Moyer Road
9.E. Financial Security Release 900 Piketown Road
9.F. Financial Security Release 7810 Moyer Road
9.G. Financial Security Release 7816 Moyer Road
9.H. Financial Security Release 7826 Moyer Road
9.I. Financial Security Release 7830 Moyer Road
9.J. Financial Security Release 7834 Moyer Road
10. Public Comment:    
Description:  Please limit comments to 3-5 minutes.
11. Supervisor Comments:
12. Adjournment:

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