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October 7, 2019 at 7:00 PM - Board of Supervisors Meeting

1. Call to Order
Description:  Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation
Roll Call
2. Approval of Minutes:
2.A. Regular Meeting Minutes
3. Correspondence:
3.A. D.Stepansky wild deer complaint
4. Public Comment:
Description:  Please limit comments to 3-5 minutes
5. Presentations, Staff & Board Reports:
5.A. Public Works
5.B. Property Maintenance Log
5.C. Sewer Authority Minutes
5.D. Daniel Rosario Training Certifications
5.E. Parks Minutes
5.F. EAC Minutes
5.G. Zoning Report
6. Treasurer's Report:
6.A. Fund Balances as of Thursday, October 3, 2019
Description:  These are presented for reference only & are not an audited figure.
Mid Penn Bank
General Fund Balance $4,216,141.37
Liquid Fuels $891,989.96
Capital Reserve Fund $576,496.80

Fulton General Fund Balance $699,737.19
6.B. September 2019 Deposits
Description:  $79,029.64
6.C. Expenditures:
6.C.(1) Payroll, September 13, 2019
Description:  Net $25,765.32
Gross $34,491.41
6.C.(2) Payroll, September 27, 2019 This includes all monthly and quarterly payroll.
Description:  Net $29,101.55
Gross $38,435.88
6.C.(3) Vouchers pre-paid
Description:  Admin, Parks, PW: $141,474.04
Fire Tax: $5,363.84
6.C.(4) 2018 Overtime Report
6.C.(5) 2019 Overtime Year-to-date
7. Budget 2020 - submission #2
7.A. Official Draft Submission #2
8. Old Business:
8.A. Ongoing - Townes of Hershey, SW & Road Issues
8.B. Ongoing: Lexington Woods Hydrant turn over 
9. New Business:
9.A. MOTION: 767 Piketown Septic Request
9.B. MOTION: 769 Piketown Septic Request
9.C. MOTION: 1432 Pine Tree Septic Request
9.D. MOTION: 2020 Park Use Agreement
9.E. MOTION: Accept resignation of Michael Cleaver, Parks & Rec Maintenance
9.F. MOTION: Authorization to hire new FT Parks & Rec Maintenance
Description:  NO CHANGE TO THE BUDGET, this is being done with hours not used. 
9.G. MOTION: Winslett P5 Improvement Guarantee Reduction #2
Description:  BOND REDUCTION $71,676.00
9.H. MOTION: 7158 Sterling Road Final IG Release
Description:  CHECK $2,780.00
9.I. MOTION:  7166 Sterling Road, IG Release #1
Description:  BOND REDUCTION $14, 685.00
9.J. MOTION: 309 South Oak Grove Road, IG Release
Description:  BOND REDUCTION $27,084.00
9.K. MOTION: Authorization for lease/purchase of 2019 Dulevo International Street Sweeper, model #6000 tier 3 motor. Seven (7) Year lease. $37,389/year.
Description:  payment #1 LST 
payments #2 - 7 GF
Public Works
9.L. MOTION: Authorization for lease/purchase of 2019 John Deere 6105E with Tiger Wildcat Mid-Mount Mower Package. Six (6) year lease. $22,658/year.
Description:  Funds from Capital Reserve
Public Works
9.M. MOTION: Authorization for lease/purchase of new Compact Track Loader 317G. Seven (7) year lease. $7,703.48 (estimated)/year
Description:  Funds from GF
Parks & Rec
9.N. MOTION: Authorization for lease/purchase of 2019 Ford F550 Chassis w/dump. Five (5) year lease. $11,313.26/year
Description:  Funds from GF 
Parks & Rec
9.O. MOTION: Authorization for purchase of new 500 gallon Fired Kettle. $30,647.
Description:  Funds from LST
Public Works
9.P. MOTION: Authorization for purchase of 2020 International HV507 SFA. $142,140.
Description:  Funds from LF
Public Works
9.Q. MOTION: Authorization to rescind all open burning and to terminate any further permitting
10. Public Comment:    
Description:  Please limit comments to 3-5 minutes.
11. Parks Upcoming Events:
12. Supervisor Comments:
13. Adjournment:

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