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January 11, 2021 at 4:00 PM - Special-Called Board Meeting

1.A. Patrons who have duly registered per policy BED (Local) may address the Board and make public comments on an agenda item during or before the board’s consideration of the item. The Board may allow public comment on agenda items at all meetings. The Board will continue with the remaining agenda after the registered patrons have had an opportunity to speak. (To participate, registration is between 5:30 and 5:50 p.m. on the day of the Board meeting at the entrance to the CFISD Boardroom.)
Presenter:  Leslie Francis
2.A. In accordance with the provisions of the Texas Education Code, Section §11.159, the administration will conduct continuing education for Board members under Texas Administrative Code, Title 19, Section 61.1: Continuing Education for School Board Members, related to team building. [This matter may be discussed in closed session pursuant to Texas Gov. Code § 551.071.
Texas Administrative Code, Title 19, Chapter 61.1
(b) The continuing education required under the TEC, §11.159, applies to each member of an independent school district board of trustees. The continuing education requirement consists of orientation sessions, an annual team-building session with the local board and the superintendent, and specified hours of continuing education based on identified needs. The superintendent's participation in team-building sessions as part of the continuing education for board members shall represent one component of the superintendent's ongoing professional development.

Subsection (2): The entire board, including all board members, shall annually participate with their superintendent in a team-building session facilitated by the ESC or any registered provider. The team-building session shall be at least three hours in length. The purpose of the team-building session is to enhance the effectiveness of the board-superintendent team and to assess the continuing education needs of the board-superintendent team. The session shall include a review of the roles, rights, and responsibilities of a local board as outlined in the framework for governance leadership. The assessment of needs shall be based on the framework for governance leadership and shall be used to plan continuing education activities for the year for the governance leadership team.
Presenter:  Dr. Roger Cleveland, Dr. Deborah Stewart, Marney Collins Sims
If, during the course of the meeting covered by this notice, the Board should determine that a closed session of the Board should be held or is required in relation to any item included in this notice, then such closed session as authorized by Section 551.001 of the Texas Government Code (the Open Meetings Act) will be held by the Board at that date, hour and place given in this notice or as soon after the commencement of the meeting covered by this notice as the Board may conveniently meet in such closed session concerning any and all subjects and for any and all purposes permitted by Sections 551.071 through 551.084, of the Open Meetings Act.
3.A. There will be a Closed Session in accordance with Government Code Section 551.001 et. seq.
Section 551.071 For the purpose of a private consultation with the Board's attorney on any or all subjects or matters authorized by law. For the purpose of consultation with the district’s attorney concerning matters on which the attorney’s duty to the district under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct clearly conflicts with the Texas Open Meetings laws.
Section 551.072 For the purpose of discussing the purchase, exchange, lease or value of real property.
Section 551.073 For the purpose of considering a negotiated contract for a prospective gift or donation.
Section 551.074 For the purpose of considering the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline or dismissal of a public officer or employee or to hear complaints or charges against a public officer or employee.
Section 551.076 To consider the deployment, or specific occasions for implementation, of security personnel or devices.
Section 551.0821 For the purpose of deliberating a matter regarding a public-school student if personally identifiable information about the student will necessarily be revealed.
Section 551.082 For the purpose of considering discipline of a public-school child or children or to hear a complaint by an employee against another employee if the complaint or charge directly results in a need for a hearing.
Section 551.083 For the purpose of considering the standards, guidelines, terms or conditions the Board will follow, or instruct its representatives to follow, in consultation with representatives of employee groups in connection with consultation agreements provided for by section 13.901 of the Texas Education Code.
Section 551.084 For the purpose of excluding witness or witnesses from a hearing during examination of another witness.
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