August 24, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

A. Call to Order:
B. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag:
C. Approval of Agenda:
D. Hearing of Citizens:
E. Approval of Minutes:
E.1. July 27, 2020 Regular Meeting
E.2. August 3, 2020 Special Meeting
F. Treasurer's Report:
F.1. Financial Statements
F.2. Bills for Payment
F.3. Budgets to Date
G. Superintendent's Reports and Recommendations:
G.1. Personnel
G.1.a. Resignations
G.1.a.1) Atalie Schwartz - 8th Grade Teacher
G.1.a.2) Suzanne Gibbs - Warner Elementary Teacher 
G.1.a.3) Rosemarie Suddeth  - Warner Paraprofessional
G.1.a.4) Stacey Littlejohn - Transportation 
G.1.a.5) Emily Kingsbury - Parma Parapro
G.1.b. Appointments
G.1.b.1) Sherri Price - K at Parma
G.1.b.2) Rosa Severance - 3rd Grade at Bean
G.1.b.3) Ashley Ede - 4th Grade at Parma
G.1.b.4) Kristen Herberg - 5th Grade Parma
G.1.b.5) Douglas Grandstaff - 2nd Grade at Bean
G.1.b.6) Kyle Luke - 3rd Grade at Bean
G.1.b.7) Kelsie Fifield - 8th Grade ELA
G.1.b.8) Jenny Campbell - Bean Elementary Teacher 
G.1.b.9) Katelyn Clanton - Warner 4th Grade Teacher
G.1.b.10) Sunshine Creger - Food Service 
G.1.b.11) Jennifer Meyers - Food Service 
G.1.b.12) Pete Redovich - Girls Golf
G.1.b.13) Brian Eva - Assistant Boys Soccer
G.1.b.14) Alex Dowley - Assistant Boys Tennis
G.1.c. Leaves of Absence
G.1.c.1) Maureen Killian
G.1.c.2) Nancy Bunker
G.1.c.3) Erica Moubray
G.1.c.4) Angela Schemahorn 
G.2. WEA Letter of Agreement 
G.3. Legal Update
H. Board Reports: 
I. Other Business:
J. Closed Session: 
K. Adjournment:
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