October 11, 2016 at 5:30 PM - Work Session

A. Call to Order:
B. Hearing of Citizens:
C. Committee of the Whole:
C.1. Finance
C.1.a. Financial Reports
C.1.b. Check Register
C.1.c. Budgets to Date
C.1.d. Audit Presentation
C.2. Facilities
C.3. Personnel
C.3.a. Recommendations for Employment
C.3.a.1) Dennis Pombier - MS Basketball
C.3.a.2) Abram Perkins - Healthcare Paraprofessional
C.3.a.3) Jennifer Craddock - Healthcare Paraprofessional
C.4. Curriculum
C.4.a. State Assessment Data Spring 2016
C.4.b. Flex For Update
C.5. Policy 
C.5.a. WHS Student Manual Proposed Addition
C.5.b. Athletic Participation Policy
C.5.c. Non-Professional Employee Hires
C.5.d. NEOLA Updates

D. Other Business:
D.1. Trip Requests
D.1.a. Select Choir New York Trip 2017
D.1.b. 8th gr Cedar Point Trip 2017
D.1.c. Fifth Grade Camp
D.1.d. Bean 5th Grade Chicago Trip 2017
D.1.e. Warner 3rd gr Mackinac Trip 2017
D.2. Summer Tax Resolution
D.3. Property For Sale
D.4. Principal Appreciation Month
D.5. Holiday Tea
D.6. Calendar of Events
E. Executive Session:
E.1. Negotiations
F. Adjournment:
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