April 24, 2014 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

A. Call to Order:
B. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag:
C. Approval of Agenda:
D. Approval of Minutes:
D.1. March 20, 2014 - Regular Meeting
D.2. April 15, 2014 - Work Session
E. Celebration of Excellence:
E.1. High School Destination Imagination Team
        - Emma Farina
        - Justin Macchia
        - Carmen Ortega
        - Sydney Zuke
F. Student Council Report:
G. Hearing of Citizens:
H. Treasurer's Report:
H.1. Financial Statements
H.2. Bills for Payment
H.3. Budgets to Date
H.4. Preliminary 2014-2015 Budget
H.5. Best Practice Resolution 
I. Superintendent's Reports and Recommendations:
I.1. Construction Update
I.2. Elementary K-5 Math Adoption
I.3. Board Policy Adoption
I.3.a. Vol. 28, No. 1
I.3.a.1) po 0144.3 - Conflict of Interest
I.3.a.2) po 1400 – Job Descriptions
I.3.a.3) po 1630.1 – Family and Medical Leaves of Absence (Administration)
I.3.a.4) po 1662 – Anti-Harassment (Administration)
I.3.a.5) po 2431.01 – Managing Heat and Humidity in Interscholastic Athletic Programs
I.3.a.6) po 3362 – Anti-Harassment (Professional Staff)
I.3.a.7) po 3430.01 – Family and Medical Leaves of Absence (Professional Staff)
I.3.a.8) po 4162 – Controlled Substance and Alcohol Policy for CMV Drivers
I.3.a.9) po 4362 – Anti-Harassment (Support Staff)
I.3.a.10) po 4430.01 -– Family and Medical Leaves of Absence (Support Staff)
I.3.a.11) po 5112 – Entrance Age
I.3.a.12) po 5517 – Anti-Harassment (Students)
I.3.a.13) po 5517.01 – Bullying and Other Aggressive Behavior Toward Students
I.3.a.14) po 6107 – Authorization to Accept and Distribute Electronic Records
          and to Use Electronic Signatures
I.3.a.15) po 6420 – Conflict of Interest – Legal Counsel, Advisors, or Consultants
I.3.a.16) po 6470 – Payment of Claims 
I.3.a.17) po 6520 – Payroll Deductions
I.3.a.18) po 8120 – Iran Economic Sanctions Act Compliance
I.3.a.19) po 8142 – Criminal History Record Check
I.3.a.20) po 8321 – Criminal Justice Information Security (Non-Criminal Justice Agency)
I.3.a.21) po 8390 – Animals on District Property
I.3.a.22) po 8405 – Environmental Health and Safety Issues
I.3.a.23) po 9160 – Public Attendance at School Events
I.3.b. Policy 5460 - Graduation Requirements
I.4. Mid-Michigan Beverage Consortium Agreement
I.5. High School Destination Imagination Request for Funding
I.6. WESPA Contract Ratification
J. Building Reports:
J.1. Parma Elementary School
J.2. Western High School
K. Board Reports:
L. Executive Session:
M. Other Business:
N. Adjournment:
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