September 6, 2016 at 5:30 PM - Work Session

A. Call to Order:
B. Hearing of Citizens:
C. Committee of the Whole:
C.1. Finance
C.1.a. Financial Reports
C.1.b. Check Register
C.1.c. Budgets to Date
C.1.d. Close Capitol Project Checking Account
C.2. Facilities
C.3. Personnel
C.3.a. Request for Leave
C.3.a.1) Jasmine Klugh
C.3.b. Resignations
C.3.b.1) Erik Baum
C.3.b.2) Jill Smart
C.3.c. Retirement
C.3.c.1) Virginia England
C.3.d. Recommendations for Employment
C.3.d.1) Cyndi Baldermann - Literacy Coach
C.3.d.2) Sarah Chilson - Literacy Coach
C.3.d.3) Holly McMurtrey - Literacy Coach
C.3.d.4) Nancy Norris - Literacy Coach

C.4. Curriculum
C.5. Policy 
D. Other Business:
D.1. CPI Training Presentation - Jessica Nichols
D.2. Little Panthers Daycare Toddler Room Rate Proposal
D.3. MASB Fall Conference - Certification of Delegates
D.4. JCASB Organizational Dinner Meeting
D.5. Calendar of Events
E. Executive Session:
F. Adjournment:
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