January 22, 2018 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

A. Call to Order:
B. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag:
C. Approval of Agenda:
D. Approval of Minutes:
D.1. December 18, 2017 - Regular Meeting
D.2. January 8, 2018 - Work Session
E. Celebration of Excellence:
E.1. School Board Member Recognition
F. Student Council Report:
G. Hearing of Citizens:
H. Treasurer's Report:
H.1. Financial Statements
H.2. Bills for Payment
H.3. Budgets to Date  
H.4. Title III - Immigrant Students 
I. Superintendent's Reports and Recommendations:
I.1. Organizational Protocol
I.1.a. Election of Officers
I.1.b. Committee Assignments
I.1.c. Consent Agenda
I.1.c.1) Secretary Delegation of Duties
I.1.c.2) Establish Board Meeting Dates
I.1.c.3) Name Depositor of School District Funds
I.1.c.4) Check Signature Authorization
I.1.c.5) Deferred Compensation Administrators
I.1.c.6) Authorized Purchase Card Holders
I.1.c.7) Legal Counsel Designation
I.1.c.8) Auditor Designation
I.2. Strategic Plan 2018-2020
I.3. Sinking Fund - Special School Election Resolution
I.4. Personnel Report
I.4.a. Appointments
I.4.a.1) Scott Watterson - Varsity Boys Soccer Coach
I.4.a.2) Rich Hall - Defensive Coordinator
I.4.b. Resignations
I.4.b.1) Emily Bullinger -  Little Panthers Daycare
I.4.b.2) Jeff Adams - Healthcare Paraprofessional
I.4.b.3) Cynthia Harris-Barker - Healthcare Paraprofessional
I.4.b.4) Lisa LaPorte - Healthcare Paraprofessional
I.4.b.5) Rob Schiller - MS Football Coach
I.4.b.6) Marty Crowley - MS Football Coach
I.5. Key Club Trip Request
I.6. Policy Adoption Recommendations
I.6.a. PO 1421 Vol 32 No 1 - Criminal History Record Check
I.6.b. PO 1439 Vol 32 No 1 - Administrator Discipline
I.6.c. PO 2410 Vol 32 No 1 - Prohibition of Referral or Assistance
I.6.d. PO 2414 Vol 32 No 1 - Reproductive Health and Family Planning
I.6.e. PO 2418 Vol 32 No 1 - Sex Education
I.6.f. PO 3121 Vol 32 No 1 - Criminal History Record Check
I.6.g. PO 3139 Vol 32 No 1 - Staff Discipline
I.6.h. PO 4121 Vol 32 No 1 - Criminal History Record Check
I.6.i. PO 4139 Vol 32 No 1 - Staff Discipline
I.6.j. PO 5630.01 Special Update - Student Seclusion and Restraint
I.6.k. PO 7540.03 - Student Technology Acceptable Use and Safety
I.6.l. PO 7540.04 - Staff Technology Acceptable Use and Safety
I.6.m. PO 7540.05 - District Issued Staff Email Account
I.6.n. PO 7540.06 - District Issued Student Email Account
I.6.o. PO 8142 Vol 32 No 1 - Criminal History Record Check
I.6.p. PO 8321 Vol 32 No 1 - Criminal Justice Information Security (Non-Criminal)
J. Building Reports:
J.1. Warner Elementary School
J.2. Western High School
K. Board Reports:
L. Executive Session:
M. Other Business:
N. Adjournment:
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