December 18, 2017 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

A. Call to Order:
B. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag:
C. Approval of Agenda:
D. Celebration of Excellence:  
D.1. Student Technology Showcase: Wesley Learned  Braden Vancalbergh            
                                                    Ava Vickers        Reese Weller                
E. Building Reports:
E.1. Parma Elementary School
E.2. Woodville Community Center
F. Hearing of Citizens:
G. Student Council Report:
H. Approval of Minutes:
H.1. November 27, 2017 - Regular Meeting
H.2. December 11, 2017 - Work Session
I. Treasurer's Report:
I.1. Financial Statements
I.2. Bills for Payment
I.3. Budget Amendment
I.4. Budgets to Date
J. Superintendent's Reports and Recommendations:
J.1. Personnel Report
J.1.a. Resignations
J.1.a.1) Scott Oliver - High School Math Teacher
J.1.a.2) Austen Cooper - Varsity Assistant Football Coach
J.1.a.3) Kristin Greene - Little Panthers Daycare
J.1.a.4) Caroline Osterhouse - Little Panthers Daycare
J.1.b. Appointments
J.1.b.1) Jordan Varney - High School Math Teacher
J.1.b.2) Russ Gaston - Varsity Baseball Coach
J.1.b.3) Scott Watterson - Boys Varsity Soccer Coach
J.1.b.4) Amanda Church - Food Service Sub
J.1.b.5) Alexandria Wellman - Food Service Sub
J.1.b.6) Emily Bullinger - Little Panthers Daycare
J.2. Calculator Purchase
J.3. Little Panthers Daycare Handbook Revisions
J.4. Jackson Early College Resolution
J.5. Land Acquisition Authorization
J.6. Policies - First Reading
J.6.a. PO 1421 Vol 32 No 1 - Criminal History Record Check
J.6.b. PO 1439 Vol 32 No 1 - Administrator Discipline
J.6.c. PO 2410 Vol 32 No 1 - Prohibition of Referral or Assistance
J.6.d. PO 2414 Vol 32 No 1 - Reproductive Health and Family Planning
J.6.e. PO 2418 Vol 32 No 1 - Sex Education
J.6.f. PO 3121 Vol 32 No 1 - Criminal History Record Check
J.6.g. PO 3139 Vol 32 No 1 - Staff Discipline
J.6.h. PO 4121 Vol 32 No 1 - Criminal History Record Check
J.6.i. PO 4139 Vol 32 No 1 - Staff Discipline
J.6.j. PO 5630.01 Special Update - Student Seclusion and Restraint
J.6.k. PO 7540.03 - Student Technology Acceptable Use and Safety
J.6.l. PO 7540.04 - Staff Technology Acceptable Use and Safety
J.6.m. PO 7540.05 - District Issued Staff Email Account
J.6.n. PO 7540.06 - District Issued Student Email Account
J.6.o. PO 8142 Vol 32 No 1 - Criminal History Record Check
J.6.p. PO 8321 Vol 32 No 1 - Criminal Justice Information Security (Non-Criminal)
K. Board Reports: 
L. Executive Session:
L.1. Superintendent Evaluation
M. Other Business:
N. Adjournment:
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