April 13, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Work Session

A. Call to Order:
B. Hearing of Citizens:
C. Committee of the Whole:
C.1. Finance
C.1.a. Financial Reports
C.1.b. Check Register
C.1.c. Budgets to Date
C.2. Facilities
C.3. Personnel
C.3.a. Resignations
C.3.b. Appointments
C.3.b.1) Shelby Raines - WMS Interventionist 
C.3.b.2) Donna Farmer - Varsity Softball Assistant
C.3.b.3) Benjamin Learned - Varsity Baseball Assistant 
C.3.b.4) Mark Good - MS Track
C.3.c. WEA Letter of Agreement - Daycare
C.4. Curriculum
C.4.a. Continuous Learning Plan Update
C.5. Policy
C.5.a. NEOLA Second Reading
C.5.a.1) Policy 3320- District Green Revolving Fund
D. Other Business:
E. Closed Session:
F. Adjournment:
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