May 20, 2019 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

A. Call to Order:
B. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag:
C. Approval of Agenda:
D. Celebration of Excellence:
D.1. Administrator Horizon Academy 
E. Building Reports:
F. Hearing of Citizens:
G. Student Council Report:
H. Approval of Minutes:
H.1. Regular Meeting - April 22, 2019
H.2. Work Session - May 13, 2019
I. Treasurer's Report:
I.1. Financial Statements
I.2. Bills for Payment
I.3. Budgets to Date
J. Superintendent's Reports and Recommendations:
J.1. Personnel
J.1.a. Resignations
J.1.a.1) John Raymond - Maintenance 
J.1.a.2) Katie Williston - Little Panthers Daycare 
J.1.a.3) Judy Lueer - Little Panthers Daycare
J.1.a.4) Robin Fritz - Food Service 
J.1.b. Appointments
J.1.b.1) Cathy Walker - Technology Integration Coordinator 
J.1.b.2) Makayla Hurt - Little Panthers Daycare
J.1.b.3) Rod Skittenhelm - MS Football Coach
J.1.b.4) Julie Hayes - Food Service 
J.1.b.5) Rhianna Daisher - Little Panthers Daycare 
J.1.c. Literacy Instructional Coach
J.2. Curriculum
J.2.a. Soccer Team Camp 
J.3. Policy
J.3.a. NEOLA Second Reading
J.3.a.1) 0100 Definitions
J.3.a.2) 0122 Board Powers
J.3.a.3) 0131.1 Bylaws and Policies 
J.3.a.4) 0143.1 Public Expression of Board Members
J.3.a.5) 0165.6 Cancellation
J.3.a.6) 0166 Agenda
J.3.a.7) 0167.1 Voting
J.3.a.8) 0167.2 Closed Session
J.3.a.9) 0167.3 Public Participation at Board Meetings 
J.3.a.10) 0167.6 Use of Social Media
J.3.a.11) 1422 Nondiscrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity 
J.3.a.12) 1662 Anti-Harassment
J.3.a.13) 2112 Parent Involvement in the School Program 
J.3.a.14) 2260 Nondiscrimination and Access to Equal Educational Opportunity 
J.3.a.15) 2261 Title I Services 
J.3.a.16) 2261.01 Parent Participation in Title I Programs 
J.3.a.17) 2261.03 District and School Report Card 
J.3.a.18) 2271 Post-secondary (Dual) Enrollment Option Program 
J.3.a.19) 2700 P.A. 25 Annual Report 
J.3.a.20) 3120 Employment of Professional Staff 
J.3.a.21) 3120.04 Employment of Substitutes 
J.3.a.22) 3122 Nondiscrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity 
J.3.a.23) 3130 Assignment and Transfer 
J.3.a.24) 3362 Anti- Harassment 
J.3.a.25) 4122 Nondiscrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity 
J.3.a.26) 4162 Controlled Substance and Alcohol Policy...
J.3.a.27) 4362 Anti - Harassment 
J.3.a.28) 5330 Use of Medications 
J.3.a.29) 5460 - Graduation Requirements 
J.3.a.30) 5517 Anti-Harassment 
J.3.a.31) 5517.02 Sexual Violence 
J.3.a.32) 5540 Interrogation of Students 
J.3.a.33) 5610 Emergency Removal, Suspension and Expulsion of Non-disabled Students 
J.3.a.34) 5610.01 Expulsions and Suspensions Required by Statute (Rescind) 
J.3.a.35) 5611 Due Process Rights 
J.3.a.36) 5630.01 Student Seclusion and Restraint 
J.3.a.37) 6325 Procurement - Federal Grants/Funds 
J.3.a.38) 6350 Prevailing Wage Coordinator (Rescind) 
J.3.a.39) 8210 School Calendar 
K. Board Reports:
L. Closed Session:  
M. Other Business:
M.1. JCISD 2019-2020 Proposed Budget
M.2. JCISD Biennial Election
M.3. July 2019 Work Session 
N. Adjournment:
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