July 23, 2015 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

A. Call to Order:
B. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag:
C. New Board Member Appointment
C.1. Introduction
C.2. Oath and Acceptance of Office
D. Approval of Agenda:
E. Approval of Minutes:
E.1. June 18, 2015 - Regular Meeting
E.2. July 14, 2015 - Work Session
F. Celebration of Excellence:
G. Student Council Report:
H. Hearing of Citizens:
I. Treasurer's Report:
I.1. Financial Reports
I.2. Bills for Payment
I.3. Budgets to Date
I.4. School Bond Loan Fund 

J. Superintendent's Reports and Recommendations:
J.1. Morrow Brothers Grounds Maintenance Plan
J.2. Personnel Report
J.2.a. Resignation
J.2.b. Appointments
J.3. Field Trip Requests
J.4. Approval of Revisions to High School Student Handbook
J.5. Cooperative Hockey Team Agreement
J.6. Board Policy Adoption
J.6.a. Policy 1240 - Evaluation of the Superintendent
J.6.b. Policy 1420 - School Administrator Evaluation
J.6.c. Policy 2260.1 - Section 504/ADA, Prohibition Against Discrimination
        Based on Disability
J.6.d. Policy 2370.1 - On-Line/Blended Learning Program
J.6.e. Policy 3120 - Employment of Professional Staff
J.6.f. Policy 3139 - Staff Discipline
J.6.g. Policy 3220 - Professional Staff Evaluation
J.6.h. Policy 4120 - Employment of Support Staff
J.6.i. Policy 5112 - Entrance Age
J.6.j. Policy 5114 - Foreign and Foreign-Exchange Students
J.6.k. Policy 5320 - Immunization
J.6.l. Policy 5350 - Student Suicide
J.6.m. Policy 5460 - Graduation Requirements
J.6.n. Policy 5517.01 - Bullying and Other Aggressive Behavior Toward
J.6.o. Policy 5830 - Student Fundraising
J.6.p. Policy 7540.02 - District Web Page
J.6.q. Policy 7540.04 - Staff Education Technology, Acceptable Use and Safety
J.6.r. Policy 8325 - Receipt Legal Documents
J.6.s. Policy 8330 - Student Records
J.6.t. Policy 8400 - School Safety Information
J.6.u. Policy 8500 - Food Services
J.6.v. Policy 8510 - Wellness
J.6.w. Policy 8540 - Vending Machines
J.6.x. Policy 9211 - District Support Organizations
J.6.y. Policy 9800 - High School Diplomas to WW II, Korean Conflict, and
        Vietnam Era Veterans
K. Consent Agenda:
K.1. Secretary Delegation of Duties
K.2. Establish Board Meeting Dates
K.3. Name Depositor of School District Funds
K.4. Check Signature Authorization
K.5. Deferred Compensation Administrators
K.6. Authorized Purchase Card Holders
K.7. Legal Counsel Designation
K.8. Auditor Designation
K.9. Michigan Association of School Boards Membership
K.10. Michigan High School Athletic Association Resolution
K.11. Corporate Resolution to Finance or Lease
L. Building Reports:
M. Board Reports:
N. Executive Session:
N.1. Real Estate Negotiations
O. Other Business:
P. Adjournment:
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