May 9, 2017 at 5:30 PM - Work Session

A. Call to Order: 
B. Hearing of Citizens:
C. Committee of the Whole:
C.1. Finance
C.1.a. Financial Reports
C.1.b. Check Register
C.1.c. Budgets to Date
C.1.d. Resolution Calling Public Hearing on Proposed 2017-2018 Budget
C.2. Facilities
C.3. Personnel
C.3.a. Appointments
C.3.a.1) High School Math - Jordan Tingle
C.3.a.2) Assistant Cross Country Coach - Lucas Sponsler
C.3.a.3) Middle School Volleyball 8B - Darcie Burdick
C.3.a.4) Middle School Volleyball 7B - Natalie Learned
C.3.b. Termination of Employment
C.3.c. Restructuring/Creation of Positions
C.3.c.1) Elementary 3rd Social Worker
C.3.c.2) WCPHS Social Worker/Career Prep Coordinator
C.3.c.3) Operations Director
C.4. Curriculum
C.4.a. English 9 - AP Prep or Honors Proposal & Rationale
C.4.b. Sex Education Recommendations from SEAV
C.5. Policy 
D. Other Business:
D.1. Food Service - PLE Tool and Charge Policy
D.2. Trip Request - Gr 8 Washington DC 2018
D.3. JCISD Board Biennial Election Notice/Resolution
D.4. JCISD 2018 Preliminay Budget/Resolution
D.5. Calendar of Events
E. Strategic Planning Presentation - Brad Hamilton & Tovah Sheldon
F. Executive Session:
F.1. Step 1 in Superintendent Evaluation Process
G. Adjournment:
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