July 14, 2014 at 5:30 PM - Work Session

A. Call to Order:
B. Hearing of Citizens:
C. Committee of the Whole:
C.1. Finance
C.1.a. Financial Reports
C.1.b. Check Register
C.1.c. Budgets to Date
C.1.d. School Loan Revolving Fund Annual Loan Application Resolution
C.2. Facilities
C.2.a. Auditorium Bid Award
C.3. Personnel
C.3.a. Retirement - David Kamke
C.3.b. Resignation - Kellie Wollet
C.3.c. Appointments
C.3.c.1) MS Science Teacher - Ryan Mulnix
C.3.c.2) MS Social Studies Teacher - Brian Freese
C.3.c.3) HS Spanish - Martha Avina
C.3.c.4) Schedule B Marching Band Assistant - Pete Alderman
C.3.c.5) Schedule B Girls 7 Basketball - Gina Fortress
C.3.c.6) Schedule B Girls JV Basketball - Erik Baum
C.3.c.7) MS Paraprofessional - Loren Mason
C.3.d. Board Member Appointment

C.4. Curriculum
C.4.a. Proposed WOHS elective courses: JAMA Mfg 101 Bootcamp, A and B
C.4.b. Legislative/Agency Updates
C.5. Policy
D. Consent Agenda
D.1. Secretary Delegation of Duties
D.2. Establish Board Meeting Dates
D.3. Name Depositor of School District Funds
D.4. Deferred Compensation Administrators
D.5. Authorized Purchase Card Holders
D.6. Legal Counsel Designation
D.7. Auditor Designation
D.8. Michigan Association of School Boards Membership
D.9. Michigan High School Athletic Association Resolution
E. Other Business:
E.1. Construction Update
E.1.a. Wish Lists (2013 and 2014)
E.2. Athletics
E.2.a. Middle School B Team Sports (6 paid Schedule B coaching positions)
E.2.b. 2014-2015 Student Pass Fees
E.3. Middle School Dress Code
E.4. WESSU Contract Ratification
F. Executive Session:
F.1. Disciplinary Appeal - Closed Session
G. Adjournment:
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