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May 27, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Board of Directors Meeting

I. Call To Order
II. Approval of the Consent Calendar    (Action)
II.A. Minutes - April 20, 2021
III. Executive Team Report   (Information)
III.A. CEO Report - May 2021
III.B. Resolution - HRSA H8F Grant Submission
III.C. April 2021 Strategic Dashboard
IV. Reports
IV.A. Board Reports
IV.A.1. President Report  (Action)
IV.A.1.a. Approval of Resolution for HRSA H8F Grant Submission (ACTION)
IV.A.2. Compliance and Quality Committee (Action)
IV.A.2.a. CURES Act Privacy Policy - ACTION
IV.A.2.b. CURES Act Information Security Management Policy - ACTION
IV.A.2.c. CURES Act Health Information Exchange Policy - ACTION
IV.A.2.d. CURES Act Data Requet Policy - ACTION
IV.A.2.e. CURES Act Information Blocking Policy - ACTION
IV.A.2.f. Clinical Records Amendment Policy - ACTION
IV.A.2.g. No Show Policy (Revised) - ACTION
IV.A.2.h. Clinical Quality Report - April 2021 - INFORMATION
IV.A.2.i. Credentialing and Privileging List May 2021 - INFORMATION
IV.A.3. *Finance Committee   (Action)
*Packet can be viewed in Board Book 
IV.A.3.a. Approval of Restriction of the $2.5M to be used if AB650 passes - ACTION
IV.A.3.b. Finance Committee Report and Budget Draft (Informational)
V. Unfinished Business   (Information)
VI. New Business (Information)
VII. Items from the Board    (Information)
VIII. Dates for Future Meetings    (Information)

Quality and Compliance   No Meeting in June
Finance Committee          6/15/21 @ 6PM via Zoom
Board of Directors            6/24/21 @ 6PM via Zoom
IX. Announcements    (Info)
X. Adjourn
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