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January 22, 2020 at 11:00 AM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance 
3. Roll Call
4. Citizen Comments
5. Recognition
5.1. A resolution recognizing Susan K. Grazzini on her appointment to the Board of Trustees of Community College District No. 527
5.2. Special Olympics
6. Reports
7. President's Report
7.1. Strategic Plan 
7.2. Strategic Enrollment Plan 
7.3. Institutional Advancement
7.4. Capital Improvements
7.5. Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
7.6. Finance Review
8. Consent Agenda
8.1. Approval of the Consent Agenda-Items may be removed from the consent agenda on the request of any one member. Items not removed may be adopted by general consent without debate. Removed items may be taken up either immediately after the consent agenda or placed later on the agenda at the discretion of the Board.
8.2. Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting held on December 18, 2019
8.3. Approval and Ratification of Accounts Payable and Payroll in the amount of $4,183,847.00 and Budget Transfers in the amount of $198,750.00 for the month of December 2019, as submitted.
8.4. Approval of the Monthly Budget Report for fiscal year to date ending in December 2019 to be received and approved, as submitted
8.5. Approval of the Monthly Treasurer's Report for December 2019 to be received and filed for audit, as submitted.
8.6. Approval of the Annual EXXAT, LLC., subscription fee, (on boarding fee, licensing fee, per student fee for PTA Cohort 2021-2022) for the PTA Department in the amount of $6,150.00, as submitted.
8.7. Approval of the Illinois Green Economy Network 2020 Annual Membership, in the amount of $3000.00, as submitted
8.8. Approval for the out of state travel for Dr. Fields to attend AACC Annual Convention in National Harbor, MD from March 28-30, 2020 at the cost of approximately $3000.00
8.9. Approval for the out of state travel for Dr. Fields to attend The League of Innovation Conference 2020 in Seattle, Washington, from March 1-4, 2020 at the cost of approximately $2,300.00
8.10. Approval of the following Facility Use Permits
8.10.1. District 103 Toastmaster, Theater/Cafeteria/Classrooms, June 13, 2020
8.10.2. Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois, Theater, February 27, 2020
8.10.3. Harper College Motorcycle Safety Program fy20, parking lot and classroom, dates as submitted
8.11. Appointment of Officer for Information Requests Received Under the Freedom of
Information Act (FOIA) - Blanca Jara
8.12. Approval of a resolution approving and adopting an agreement between Morton College and United Scrap Metal (USM), INC, as submitted
8.13. Approval of the Resolution Amending Policy 8.2.1 to Prohibit Sexual Harassment
8.14. Ratification of Board Policy 8.11, Conflict of Interest, approved at the November 20, 2019 Board Meeting
8.15. Approval of Board Policy 2.7.1, Posting of Notices and Information, as presented at the December 18, 2019 Board Meeting 
8.16. Approval of New Job Description
8.16.1. Human Resources Benefits Administrator
8.17. Approval of Updated Job Description
8.17.1. Counselor
8.17.2. Athletic Director
8.18. Approval of Full-Time Employment
8.18.1. Cynthia Young, Nursing Faculty and Sim Coordinator, effective February 3, 2020
8.18.2. Roger Montoro, Lieutenant Campus Police, $66,800.00, effective January 22, 2020
8.18.3. Leilani Cappetta, Administrative Sargent Campus Police, $52,106.00, effective January 22, 2020
8.18.4. Joseph Feulner, Afternoon Sargent Campus Police, $45,165.00, effective January 22, 2020
8.18.5. John Treiber, Athletic Director, $115,00.00, effective February 3, 2020
8.18.6. Caprice Smith, Athletic Retention and Compliance Specialist, $45,000.00, effective date, February 3, 2020
8.19. Approval of Part-Time Employment
8.19.1. Daniel Reyes, Lab Specialist, effective January 6, 2020
8.20. Approval of Layoff/Eliminate Employment
8.20.1. Brian Polak, Theater Manager, effective January, 8, 2020
8.21. Approval of Resignation
8.21.1. Doris Rivera, Human Resources Coordinator, effective January 3, 2020
9. Adjournment
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