December 10, 2020 at 3:00 PM - Regular Monthly Board Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Invocation and Pledge
3. Approval of the Agenda
4. Board Comments
4.a. Discussion on District Facilities
5. Approval of the Minutes
5.a. November 12, 2020
6. COVID 19 Update
7. Curriculum and Instruction
7.a. Executive Summary
7.b. Request to advertise for proposals (RFP) for universal screener and supplemental support materials for reading and math.
8. Consent Agenda
8.a. School Bus Turnaround Requests
9. 16th Section Land
10. Human Resources
10.a. HR Report
10.b. Speech Path and Dyslexia Job Description
10.c. School Recognition Supplement (Revised)
11. Contracts--MOU's
Approved by Board Attorney
  • Education Resources--Federal Programs
  • Magee Prom Policies and Procedures
  • PowerSchool--Special Services and Gifted  (to be emailed before meeting)
Not Approved by Board Attorney:
  • USA Testprep--Federal Programs
12. Finance
12.a. Barnard Construction/MaHS Field House Final Change Order
12.b. Claim Docket
12.c. Asset Disposal Report
12.d. Financial Statements
  • Reconciled Bank Statements
  • Statement of Revenues and Expenditures
  • Current Budget Status
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Fund Balance Report
12.e. Technical Center Greenhouse Renovation Project
  • Accept Tubular Structures (2nd bidder) or rebid project
13. Legal
14. Superintendent's Report
14.a. Quarterly Discipline Reports
15. Public Comments
16. Executive Session
16.a. Employee Hearing
16.b. Student Discipline
17. Meeting Adjournment
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