October 8, 2020 at 3:00 PM - Regular Monthly Board Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Invocation and Pledge
3. Approval of the Agenda
4. Board Comments
5. Approval of the Minutes
5.a. September 10, 2020
5.b. September 17, 2020
6. Introduction of P-16 Councils
7. Board Presentations for ATSI, TSI, and SAR Schools
7.a. Magee High School 
7.b. Magee Middle School
7.c. Mendenhall Junior High
8. Federal Programs
8.a. District Test Security Plan 2020-2021 (REVISION)
9. Bus Turnaround Requests
10. 16th Section Land Management
11. Curriculum & Instruction
11.a. District & School Level Professional Learning Plans
11.a. District PD Calendar 2020-2021
11.a. Professional Learning Plan 2020-2021
11.b. Magee Elementary School--PLP
11.c. Magee High School--PLP
11.d. Magee Middle School--PLP
11.e. Mendenhall Elementary School--PLP
11.f. Mendenhall High School--PLP
11.g. Mendenhall Jr High--PLP
11.h. Simpson Central School--PLP
11.i. Simpson County Technical Center PLP
12. COVID-19 Update
13. Human Resources
13.a. HR Report
13.b. SCSD Dropout Prevention 2020-2021
13.c. Mastery of Carnegie Unit--2020-2021
14. Contracts--MOU's
14.a. Approved by Board Attorney
Agile Mind--Curriculum
Amplify--Federal Programs
Kids First Education
MDOT Flashing Light as Simpson Central
Preparing for Success Testing Service--Federal Programs
RFP for Consultation Services--Special Services
Charles Shivers, CPA

Not approved by Board Attorney
Marcia Brenner Associates--Federal Programs
Josten's Yearbook--Magee High School
15. Finance
15.a. Claim Docket (161003-161385)
15.b. Asset Disposals --June 2020 and October 2020 
15.c. Financial Statements
16. Board Policy Review
16.a. MSBA 2020 Legislative and Annual Policy Revisions
16.b. Section D:  Fiscal Management
16.c. Section E: Business Management
16.d. Section F: Facility Expansion
17. Legal
17.a. SCSD Title IX Grievance Process
18. Superintendent's Report
18.a. Discipline Summaries
19. Public Comments
20. Executive Session
20.a. Student Discipline
21. Meeting Adjournment
22. JH&H Architects--Addendum # 4 Mendenhall Elementary Classroom Addition
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