November 8, 2007 at 6:00 PM - Regular

1. Call To Order, Prayer
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Approval of Minutes of Meetings 09/27/07.
4. Announcement(s) By Board
5. Community Comments
Description:  Three minutes per person. No discussion or votes will take place.
6. Acknowledgment /Celebration
6.a. Mendehall High School Band received all superior ratings at State Band Contest.
6.b. Mendenhall 8th grade football was undefeated for this school year with only one loss in the last two years.
6.c. Magee High School Band received all superior ratings from the State Band Contest.
6.d. Henretta Lott requests to be heard about cell phone issue
7. Mississippi School Board
Description:  Review on the progress of updating the Policy and Procedure Manual.
8. Consent Agenda
8.a. *National Conference on Accelerating Learning $240.00 per person travel $100.00 per person meals $160 per stay Registration $559.00 per person
Description:  12 Employees from Magee Elementary, Mendenhall Elementary, Mendenhall Jr. High, and Simpson Central School request to attend this conference Feb. 2-5, 2008 in Orlanda, Florida. Using Title I funding. *Was presented last meeting, resubmitted with detailed expenditures of $16,528
8.b. Travel Request - Jeanie Pigg, Pat Holloway, Merna Sue Miller. 3/31/2008-4/6/2008 National Council for Exceptional Children Conference
Description:  Total Estimated Cost $8,687.00 Purpose-latest trends/practices in special education. Boston, MA
8.c. Travel Request - Nancy Jordan, Audarshia Flagg MS Reading Association Annual Conference Decenber 2-5, 2007
Description:  To improve student achievement Estimated cost $1,226.50 Biloxi, MS
8.d. Trave Request - Tracey Crawford 2008 National Conference on Accelerating Learning Feb. 2-5, 2008
Description:  Renaissansce Products, learning about key issues and strategies in educational practices. Estimated cost: (?)
8.e. Travel Request - Kirby Craft, Tony Boone, Betty Belcher Renaissance Conference February 2-5, 2008
Description:  Renaissance Products - educational strategies. Estimated Costs $4047.00
8.f. Travel Request - Betsy Sullivan National Science Teachers Association December 6-8, 2007
Description:  Developing new science knowledge Estimated cost: 0
8.g. Travel Request - Terrell Luckey, Susan Riley, Monica Diamond, Sheila Sullivan, Marcie Weeks, Tom Duncan, Allen Eubanks, Norman Johnston
Description:  PREPS Winter Conference - Strategies and resources for MCT2, AYP, and at Rish Students
8.h. School Bus Tunaround
Description:  Rhonda Wililamson Hosey 166 Jack Davis Road Mendenhall, MS 39114
9. Financial
9.a. Claims Docket
9.b. Financial Reports
10. Sixteenth Section
11. General Business
11.a. Concerned Citizen
11.b. Request by Glenn Harris to accept a check $200.00 from Blain Company
Description:  To place into activity fund for Simpson Central's Reading Fair supplies.
11.c. Quantities and sizes of Report Card Covers for 2007-2008
Description:  Quantity 3,500 Size 9 x 6
11.d. Request for field trip - Kathy Swalm 3rd grade students Mendenhall Elementary
Description:  Activity Fund request for $8.00 per student February 19, 2008 Thalia Mara Hall - Live! On Stage! performs The Wizard of Oz
11.e. Magee High School requests Science Club to sell glow sticks
Description:  Money will be used to bring awareness of many opportunities in the science field.
11.f. Request for Supplement for Preschool and Out of District Asessment Duties for Speech Related Areas
Description:  $1,000 to be paid to Speech therapist selected to provide necessary assessment and resulting reports for students from out of district referrals.
11.g. Crisis Communication System
Description:  Mrs. Swalm requests this service $2.00 per student per year. CCS is a telephone-bases, Message Delivery System for the delivery of announcemnet, warnings, and news.
11.h. Discuss Job Description of Superintendent's Secretary
11.i. South Central Public Health Partnership
Description:  Training Professionals to Protect the Public
11.j. Mendenhall Junior High
Description:  Labor and Materials for painting and top coating gym floor.
11.k. Magee Middle School
Description:  Drama Club wants to sell home interior candles and other items to raise money.
12. Personnel
13. Public Relations
14. Executive Session
15. Legal
16. Adjournment
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