October 22, 2020 at 1:30 PM - National Purchasing Cooperative Board of Directors Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. ACTION: Minutes, August 5, 2020, Board Meeting
3. ACTION: Proposal No. 625-20, Copy-Print and Document Management Services
4. ACTION: Proposal No. 626-20, Water Utility Meters and Monitoring Systems
5. ACTION: Proposal No. 627-20, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Surveillance Services
6. ACTION: Proposal No. 628-20, Electric Vehicle and Other Charging Stations
7. ACTION: Proposal No. 629-20, Automotive Parts, Fluids, Maintenance, and Equipment
8. ACTION: Proposal 630-20, School Buses, Options, and Parts
9. ACTION: Proposal No. 631-20, HVAC Equipment and Supplies and Installation of HVAC Equipment
10. ACTION: Proposal No. 632-20, Underground Utility Location Services
11. Report on Ballot Vote for Supplemental Vendor Award, Proposal Invitation No. 573-18, Instructional Materials and Classroom Teaching Supplies and Equipment
12. Financial Statements, August 31, 2020
13. NSBA Administrator Report
14. TASB Staff Report
15. Quarterly Meeting Schedule and Supplemental Materials
16. Other Business
17. ACTION: Appointment of Directors and Election of Officers (Executive Session)
18. Adjournment
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