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May 4, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Policy Committee Meeting

1.  Welcome - Weaver 
2.  LGBTQ Board Policy -  Dignan
3.  Board Policy Recommended Additions - Weaver 
I. Purchasing from District Employees - Policy

The Board will not purchase equipment or supplies from an employee of the School District, nor from a member of a household of an employee, nor form any firm in which an employee or member of his households 10% or greater financial interest.
II. Purchases Through the School District - Policy

Board members and employees will not make any purchase through the School District for personal use.  The name of the District or school, or an employee's position, will not be used in such manner that discounts or cost preferences are given to such person, except as the School District may find advantageous in cases of purchasing for professional grants.

Purchasing equipment and supplies by the School District for resale to employees is prohibited.
III. Emergency Purchases - Policy 

Emergency purchases may be made without using the quotation or bidding process.  Such emergencies may arise as a result of an accident or other unforseen occurence which could affect the life, health, welfare or safety of the School District's students or employees.
IV. Recognitions, Remembrances, and Plaques - Policy

The Board may honor a person of national, state, or local importance by placing a suitable plaque or memorial on a School District building or facility.  The Board may elect to provide remembrances and/or recognitions of District employees or those serving the District from time to time.  The Board authorizes the expenditure of reasonable costs for recognitions addressing an individual's service/employment to the District.  Other than the foregoing, no public funds shall be expended for remembrances or recognitions approved by the Board.
4.  Board Operating Procedures Updates - Weaver

Red = Previous language.
Green = Suggested changes
5.  Superintendent Comments
6.  Board Member Comments
7.  Adjournment - Weaver 
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