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March 4, 2020 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order

I.A. Roll Call
I.B. Determination of Quorum
I.C. Approval of the Agenda
I.D. Approval of the February 4, 2020 Regular meeting minutes
I.E. Introduction of Guests
Description:  Comments from the Audience (Comments may not pertain to any school personnel.  There is a process to follow if there are concerns with any staff member; this is not the appropriate venue. The goal is to work out all problems at the lowest level before coming to the board level.)
II. Reports
II.A. Superintendent Report
II.B. Financial Report
II.C. AK READS Legislation - Attached are two Bradner Reports on this legislation.  
II.D. Pandemic Update- Coronavirus Information
Individual risk is dependent on exposure.For the general American public, who are unlikely to be exposed to this virus at this time, the immediate health risk from COVID-19 is considered low.Under current circumstances, certain people will have an increased risk of infection, for example healthcare workers caring for patients with COVID-19 and other close contacts of persons with COVID-19. CDC has developed guidance to help in the risk assessment and management of people with potential exposures to COVID-19.
Attached is a copy of our Board Policy as well as data sheets from the CDC.  This information is included to keep the board informed.  The district will continue to monitor the situation and take steps as needed. 
III. Old Business
IV. New Business
IV.A. Change of Vacation Day Date on School Calendar- March 30 was set as a vacation day to coincide with the end of Spring Carnival.  Spring Carnival was moved back a week this year due to Leap Year.  This would change the vacation day to April 6th. 
Recommend: Change school calendar to move vacation day from March 30 to April 6. 
IV.B. Staff Contract- Arnold Marks, Jr contract for 2020-2021. Mr. Marks will be on Column B, Step 10 for the upcoming school year. 
Recommend:Approval of contract for Arnold Marks, Jr for FY21 on Column B, Step 10. 
IV.C. Staff Contract- Curt Hagegeorge contract for 2020-2021.  Mr. Hagegeorge will be on Column M+36, Step 3 for the upcoming school year. 
Recommend: Approval of contract for Curt Hagegeorge for FY21 on Column M+36, Step 3. 
IV.D. Staff Contract- Margaret Baca contract for 2020-2021. Ms. Baca will be on Column B, Step 1 for the upcoming school year.
Recommend: Approval of contract for Margaret Baca for FY21 on Column B, Step 1. 
V. Board Comments
VI. Future Business
April Meeting, April 1, 2020
Determination of future board meeting times and board activity calendar.
VII. Adjournment
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