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July 19, 2021 at 7:20 PM - Annual School Board Meeting

I. Call Meeting to Order
Description:  Business Manager Hebert, Acting Chairperson, called the annual meeting of the Board of Education of McKenzie County School Board District No. 1 to order at 7:50 p.m.   
II. Recognition of the School Board Members 2021 - 2022
III. Reorganization of the School Board
III.1. Call for presidential nominations
Description:  Business Manager Hebert called for nominations for Board President.  X nominated Y for Board President.  Hebert called for any other nominations, heard none.   Hebert called for any other nominations, heard none.  Hebert called a third and final time for any other nomination, heard none.  A vote was taken for YYY as President: Yes - , No - 0. 
III.2. Call for vice presidential nominations
  1. President moved into the chair position and called for nominations for Board Vice President.  nominated for Vice President.  President called for any other nominations, heard none.  President called for nominations, heard none.  President called for nominations a third and final time, heard none.  A vote was taken for  Vice President.  Yes - , No - 0. 
IV. Board Member Salaries
Description:  Board Members acknowledged meals and mileage reimbursement as per NDCC for and reimbursement for 2021-2022.
Board Members acknowledged the following salaries:
  • $150 per regular, special, and negotiations meetings
  • $150 per day for out of town meetings in which the board member represents the school board
  • $ 75 per committee meeting. 
V. Appoint School Board Committees
Description:  Committees for the 2020-2021 school year are as follows:
  • Transportation: Ceynar, Samuelson, Ramage, Director of Transportation and Superintendent
  • Buildings & Grounds: Maki, Meuchel, Wisness, and Superintendent
  • Budget & Finance: Meuchel, Pennington, Samuelson and Superintendent
  • Strategic Planning: Maki, Ramage, and Wisness
  • Curriculum: Ceynar, Meuchel, Samuelson, School Principals, and Superintendent
  • Negotiation:  Ramage, Pennington, Wisness, and Superintendent
  • WIT: Maki and Wisness
  • Policy Committee: Ceynar, Pennington, and Ramage
V.1. School Board Representatives on School Committees
  • Wellness: Ceynar, Ramage, and Wisness
  • Technology: Ramage and Meuchel
  • CTE - Pam Ramage
V.2. Authorize The School Board President to act as voting member when substituting for a committee member
VI. Designate Authorized Representative for Federal Programs
VII. Designate Authorized Representative for Wil-Mac Multi-District Special Education Unit
VIII. Approve Meeting Agenda
IX. Designate Official Newspaper
X. Designate Legal Counsel
XI. Declaration of Conflicts
Description:  Meuchel made known his conflict of interest due to his spouse, brother-in-law, and sister in-law being employed by MCPSD#1.
XII. Financial Investment Plan 2021 - 2022
Description:  Currently seven Certificates of Deposit 4 @ $2.5M 3 @ $500,000. Totaling $10,750,000.00

Interest Earned by Fund:
Fund 01 $726.69
Fund 03 $86,864.49

Total interest $87,591.18
Comments:  2021 - 2022 Projection = $40,250.00
XIII. Proposal for professional valuation services
XV. Call for Bids
XVI. Set the Date of the Next Meeting
Description:  August 10th , 2021 6:00 p.m.
XVII. Adjourn Meeting
Description:  President adjourned the meeting at p.m.

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