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April 12, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular School Board Meeting

I. Call Meeting to Order
Description:  President Ramage called to order the McKenzie County School District No. 1 School Board regular meeting at   6:03 p.m. 
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II. Introduction of Guests
IV. Correspondence 
  1. Letter from ND DPI regarding the eligibility for Title I funds 2021 - 2022 and free and reduced meal calculations.
  2. Thank you letter from the Jim Tveter family recognizing the memorial provided by MCPSD#1.
V. Board Actions
V.1. Approval of the regular school board minutes
Description:  Regular Meeting 03/08/2021
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V.2. Approval of the financial report
Description:  Fianacial Report for March 2021.
V.3. Approval of the district bills by fund and un-posted invoice listing summary.
Description:  Fund 01 - General
Fund 03 - Building
Fund 04 - Sinking & Interest
Fund 05 - Hot Lunch
Fund 06 - Activity
Un-posted Invoices
VI. Recognition of Activities
  1. Mr. Kirk Flaten retired from MCPSD#1 culminating a position of 40 years served as a teacher then custodian.
  2. North Dakota Interscholastic Athletic Administrators inducted Mr. Brad Foss into their Hall of Fame. 
  3. ND High School Coaches Association for 2021 named Mr. Tom Dwyer Class A Coach of the year.  Mr. Dwyer coached the WCHS Girls Basketball team to their first Class A State Tournament in School History.  The Wolves finished the season 18-6, second in the WDA.
  4. Tractor Supply Company donated a Wahl clipper set to WCHS FFA
  1. Congratulations Mr. Flaten.
  2. Congratulations Mr. Foss.
  3. Congratulations Mr. Dwyer.
  4. Acknowledgement for real property donation to WCHS FFA
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VII. Old Business
  1. Dr. Holen provided the board with The Educational Partnership Agreement regarding the Workforce Skills Initiative, Williston State College (WSC), and WCHS.  Dr. Miller, WSC President, discussed the proposed agreement and future possibilities with the Board. 
  2. Dr. Holen provided a brief update on the current legislative bill(s) status and potential impacts on MCPSD#1.
  3. Dr. Holen recapped the Health & Safety Committee Meeting 3/8/2021.  The committee discussed the possible revisions to the current plan or clarification on aspects of Green Phase. 
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VIII. New Business
  1. Dr. Holen provided the board with a staffing update. The following professional resignation(s) were submitted for approval: Pat Schlosser, WCHS Phy. Ed. And Molly Doud, FHES Kindergarten, Alli Mogen FHES Teacher and Jeanne Kline WCHS Special Education.  Dr. Holen presented the board with the following professional contract(s): Bryden Picklesimer - BA, Step 0.  Building administrators will offer employee work agreements in early May.  Building administrators will communicate directly with employees regarding intent not to rehire 2021 - 2022. 
  2. Dr. Holen present the work agreement for Monique Wisness.  Motioned by Maki, seconded by Ceynar to approve the work agreement with Monique Wisness.  Motion carried 6 - 0.   Motioned by Samuelson, seconded by Ceynar, to approve the salary ($49,000.00) and immediate hire of Monique Wisness.  Motion carried 6 - 0.
  3. Dr. Holen provided a synopsis of the interim negotiations and current negotiations regarding fringe benefits, specifically health insurance.  The negotiations committee and the WCEA continue to discuss the consideration of switching the administration of our health insurance from BCBS to ND PHIT.  BCBS remains the insurance provider if switched to ND PHIT and plan specifics would not change. 
  4. RSP & Associates provided their revisited and reassessed report from January for the spring enrollment demographics.
  5. Dr. Holen provided the board with an overview of the Technology Committees Meeting 3/31/2021.  Discussion regarding 2021 - 2022 and 3 - 5 year plan, shortages affecting that plan, replacement and cycle of devices, and costs to maintain the devices. 
  6. The following open enrollments were received by the district:  Sharalyn McNutt (Z. McNutt - Grade 7) and Jesus Leyva (A. Leyva - Grade 8).
IX. Administration Reports
IX.1. Superintendent - Dr. Holen
    1. Enrollment update
    2. Wolf Run Village update (3/2021 = $5227.00)
    3. Meeting with County Commissioners - TBD
    4. T-4 Event 4/14/2021 - 4/15/2021
    5. CTE center/academy meeting and discussions
    6. JPA quarterly meeting
    7. Mineral Tracker report 2020 Q4
    8. Bismarck Bucks training camp - use of HS facilities
    9. Food service offering summer 2021 (extension of reimbursements)
    10. Teachers on Call 03/2021 report card
    11. Golden Path - Compass
    12. Elementary (K-5) music concert
IX.2. Director of Teaching and Learning - Mrs. Krogen
    1. Literacy initiative update
    2. Written Report
IX.3. Badlands - Stansfield
    1. 2021 - 2022 kindergarten preregistration
    2. Kindergarten readiness (Gearing Up for Kindergarten)
    3. Summer school 2021
    4. Report on assistant principal position (shared) 2020 - 2021
    5. Written Report & Questions
IX.4. Fox Hills - Foss
    1. 2021 - 2022 kindergarten preregistration
    2. Kindergarten readiness (Gearing Up for Kindergarten)
    3. Summer school 2021
    4. Report on assistant principal position (shared) 2020 - 2021
    5. Written Report & Questions
IX.5. Middle School - Green, N.
    1. Summer School 2021
    2. Written Report & Questions
IX.6. High School - Green, J.
    1. Summer School 2021
    2. Written Report & Questions
Attachments: (1)
IX.7. Activities Director - Dokken
    1. Fox Hills Golf Course Usage Agreement
    2. Spring activities update
    3. Band trip update
X. School Board Committee Reports
    1. Negotiations - 3/15, 3/22, 3/29/2021x2
    2. Policy - 3/25/2021
    3. Technology - 3/31/2020
    4. Health & Safety Policy - 4/8/2021
    5. Building & Grounds - 4/12/2021
X.1. Policy Committee Meeting 3-25-21
X.2. District Technology Meeting 3-31-21
X.3. Credit Review Committee 4-1-21
X.5. Health & Safety Committee 4-8-21
X.6. Upcoming meetings
    1. Board retreat - TBD
    2. Budget & Finance - TBD
    3. Building & Grounds - TBD
    4. Health & Safety Policy - TBD
    5. Transportation - TBD
    6. Negotiations - 4/13/2021
    7. Planning - 4/14/2021
    8. Curriculum - TBD
    9. District WIT - TBD
    10. Policy - TBD
    11. Technology- TBD
X.7. Building & Grounds 4/12/2021
XI. Set date of next meeting
Description:  May 10, 2021 @ 6:00 p.m. Watford City High School
XII. Adjournment
Description:  Hearing no further business to come before the school board, President Ramage adjourned the meeting at 8:50 p.m.

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