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1. Call to Order-Todd Emanuel, Chair
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll Call of Attendance - Nichol O'Neill, Clerk
4. New Business
5. Approve the Agenda
6. Organization of the School Board for 2020
6.A. Election of Office of a Chairperson
6.B. Election of Office of a Vice-Chair
6.C. Election of Office of a Clerk
6.D. Election of Office of a Treasurer
6.E. Consider/Approve Alysia Baldus as Board Secretary.  DECISION
6.F. Consider/Establish salaries for School Board members.  Salaries for 2019 were $2,200 for the Board Chairperson, Directors received $1,900.  DISCUSSION/DECISION
6.G. Consider/Approve the dates, places and times of regular School Board meetings and Work Sessions.  DECISION 
6.H. Consider/Approve conducting business on Columbus Day, October 12, 2020.  DECISION
6.I. Consider/Appoint Board Members to committees.  DISCUSSION/DECISION
7. Consent Items:   DECISION
7.A. Consider/Approve the December 16, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes.  ATTACHMENT
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7.B. Consider/Approve the receipt of donations for January 2020.  ATTACHMENT
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7.C. Consider/Approve the Administrative Recommendations as follows:  ATTACHMENT
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7.D. Designate representatives to the Minnesota State High School League for the year 2020.  Governing Board Representative: Will Welch; School Representative- Ms. Belinda Selfors; Boys' and Girls' Representative and Speech Activities- Mr. Tim Malone; Music Activities- Ms. Jessica Honsey.
7.E. Designate a School District Attorney, Joseph Langel of Ratwik, Roszak and Maloney of Minneapolis, and Daniel Honsey Law Office of Kraft Walser of Stewartville.
7.F. Designate legal depositories for school district funds.  It is recommended that Bremer Bank of Stewartville be designated as the primary depository for checking accounts and investments.  
7.G. Authorize the Superintendent, Human Resources Coordinator, and the School Board Treasurer to have access to the school district's safety deposit box at Bremer Bank, Stewartville.
7.H. Authorize the Superintendent, Business Director, or the School Board Treasurer to make wire transfers of funds for the purpose of investments.
7.I. Authorize the Superintendent or Business Director, to issue checks, electronic funds transfer, and wire transfers between board meetings with payments of same to be approved by the School Board at the next meeting at which payment of claims is approved.
7.J. Authorize the Superintendent or Business Director, to invest funds not needed for current expenses, with investments to be approved at the next School Board meeting at which payment of claims is approved.
7.K. It is recommended that the following statutory duties of the clerk be delegated to the administrative staff:  the keeping of the book of minutes of all School Board meetings, the preparation of reports that shall include the condition and value of school property, receipts and disbursements in detail and such other financial matters as may be called for by the Minnesota Department of Education, the length of the school term and the enrollment and attendance by grades, and the names and post office addresses of all directors and other officers, and such other items of information as may be called for by the Commissioner of Education. 
7.L. Approve the authorization for the use of facsimile and bitmap signatures of the officers on payroll and voucher checks in accordance with the provisions of M.S. 47.41 and 47.42.
7.M. Designate the "Stewartville Star" as the official newspaper of the school district.
7.N. Designate the Central Education Center area as a posting place for notices of meetings of the Stewartville School Board.
7.O. Approve the Minnesota School Board Association membership for the year 2020.
7.P. Approve employee participation in current tax sheltered annuities for the year 2020.
7.Q. Establish mileage rate for school business.  It is recommended that the IRS approved rate of 57.5 cents be used for the 2020 school year.
7.R. Establish meal reimbursements to be breakfast, $10; lunch, $15; and dinner, $20.
8. Land Lease discussion/approval  ATTACHMENT/DECISION
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9. Capital Outlay Project:  Outdoor Concession Stand  DISCUSSION
10. MSBA Conference and Officer Workshop  DISCUSSION
11. Adjourn
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