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1. Call to Order - Rebecca Wortman, Chair
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll Call of Attendance - Will Welch, Clerk
4. New Business
5. Approve the Agenda
6. Recognition of Hailey Liffrig for acquiring a People's Energy Cooperative Operation Round Up Grant in support of an Early Childhood “calming corner"
7. Consent Items:  DECISION
7.A. Consider/Approve the April 13, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes.  ATTACHMENT
Attachments: (1)
7.B. Consider/Approve the March 2020 Claims and Accounts.  ATTACHMENT
Attachments: (1)
7.C. Consider/Approve the March 2020 Treasurer's Report.  ATTACHMENT 
Attachments: (1)
7.D. Consider/Approve Student Services Coordinator Salary Agreement for 2020-2021.
7.E. Consider/Approve Principal Contract for 2020-2022. 
7.F. Consider/Approve the Administrative Recommendations as follows:  ATTACHMENT
Attachments: (1)
8. Consider/Adopt the Resolution Accepting Donations.  ATTACHMENT/DECISION
Attachments: (1)
9. Pyramid Model Joint Powers Presentation by Hailey Liffrig and Hollie Clarke  ATTACHMENT
Attachments: (1)
10. Aim 1:  High Student Achievement
10.A. Principals' Monthly Report  ATTACHMENT
Attachments: (1)
11. Aim 2:  A Safe, Welcoming, Engaging Learning Environment
12. Aim 3:  Effective and Efficient Operations
12.A. Consider/Approve Tree Replacement Plan.  DECISION
12.B. First Reading of Policy Revisions:  ATTACHMENTS
402 - Disability Nondiscrimination Policy
419 - Tobacco-Free Environment
515 - Protection and Privacy of Pupil Records
516 - Student Medication
Attachments: (4)
12.C. Discussion Item:  Superintendent Evaluation Process
12.D. Consider/Approve scheduling a Special Meeting in May.  DECISION
13. Board Committee Updates
13.A. Facilities
13.B. Meet and Confer
13.C. Negotiations
13.D. Policy
13.E. Other
14. Superintendent Update - Ms. Belinda Selfors
14.A. Results of Parent and Student Distance Learning Surveys  ATTACHMENTS
Attachments: (2)
14.B. Results of Teacher Distance Learning Survey  ATTACHMENT
Attachments: (1)
14.C. Enrollment Update  ATTACHMENT
Attachments: (1)
15. Review Distance Learning Plan for the remainder of 2019-2020 school year.  ATTACHMENT
Attachments: (1)
16. Consider/Approve the administrative recommendations for the following:  DECISION
  • District Distance Learning Plan revisions 
  • Spring Coach Compensation 
  • Reimbursement of Student Spring Sports Fees
  • Fourth Quarter Grades 
  • Class of 2020 Graduation Date rescheduled to July 24 at 7:00 p.m., back-up date of July 26 at 2:00 p.m. 
  • Adjustments to 2019-2020 School Calendar to include the last student day on May 22, 2020 and teacher professional development and work days from May 26 through June 8, 2020
17. Adjourn
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