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September 14, 2020 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance
2. Adopt Order of Agenda
3. Superintendent's Report

Consent Agenda
4.A.1. Docket of Claims:
4.A.1.a. Regular Docket Claim Numbers 115014 through 115090
Regular Docket Claim Numbers 115093 through 115219
Regular Docket Claim Numbers 115220 through 115306
Regular Docket Claim Numbers 115307 through 115408
4.A.1.b. Hand-Typed Check Claim Numbers 115091 through 115092 Food Service
Hand-Typed Check Claim Number 115409 through 115412
4.B.1. Student Transfers:
4.B.1.a.1. 4B(2a-1) Student ID # 09142020-01
4.B.1.a.2. 4B(2a-2) Student ID #09142020-02
4.B.1.a.3. 4B(2a-3) Student ID #09142020-03
4.B.1.a.4. 4B(2a-4) Student ID #09142020-04
4.B.1.a.5. 4B(2a-5) Student ID #09142020-05
4.B.1.a.6. 4B(2a-6) Student ID #09142020-17
4.B.1.a.7. 4B(2a-7) Student ID #09142020-18
4.B.1.b.1. 4B(2b-1) Student ID #09142020-06
4.B.1.c.1. 4B(2c-1) Student ID #09142020-07
4.B.1.c.2. 4B(2c-2) Student ID #09142020-08
4.B.1.c.3. 4B(2c-3) Student ID #09142020--09
4.B.1.c.4. 4B(2c-4) Student ID #09142020-10
4.B.1.c.5. 4B(2c-5) Student ID #09142020-15
4.B.1.d.1. 4B(2d-1) Student ID #09142020-11
4.B.1.d.2. 4B(2d-2) Student ID #09142020-12
4.B.1.d.3. 4B(2d-3) Student ID #09142020-13
4.B.1.d.4.1. 4B(2e-1) Student ID #09142020-14
4.B.1.d.4.2. 4B(2e-2) Student ID #09142020-16
4.B.2. Field Trips Requests
4.B.3. Miscellaneous
4.B.3.a. Property Removal Affidavit
4.B.3.a.1. County Office
4.B.3.a.1.1. 4B(3a.1.1) County Office
4.B.3.a.2. Dixie Attendance Center
4.B.3.a.2.1. 4B(3a.2.2) Dixie
4.B.3.a.2.2. 4B(3a.2.1) Dixie
4.B.3.a.3. North Forrest Elementary
4.B.3.a.3.1. 4B(3a.3.1) NFE
4.B.3.a.3.2. 4B(3a3.2) NFE
4.B.3.a.3.3. 4B(3a.3.3) NFE
4.B.3.a.3.4. 4B(3a.3.4) NFE
4.B.3.a.3.5. 4B(3a.3.5) NFE
4.B.3.a.3.6. 4B(3a.3.6) NFE
4.B.3.a.4. Rawls Springs Attendance Center
4.B.3.a.4.1. 4B(3a.4.1) RSAC
4.B.3.a.5. South Forrest Attendance Center
4.B.3.a.5.1. 4B(3a.5.1) SFAC
4.B.3.a.5.2. 4B(3a.5.2) SFAC
4.B.3.a.5.3. 4B(3a.5.3) SFAC
4.B.3.a.5.4. 4B(3a.5.4) SFAC
4.B.3.a.5.5. 4B(3a.5.5) SFAC
4.B.3.a.5.6. 4B(3a.5.6) SFAC
4.B.3.a.5.7. 4B(3a.5.7) SFAC
4.B.3.a.5.8. 4B(3a.5.8) SFAC
4.B.3.a.5.9. 4B(3a.5.9) SFAC
4.B.3.a.5.10. 4B(3a.5.10) SFAC
4.B.3.a.5.11. 4B(3a.5.11) SFAC
4.B.4. SFAC 2020-2021 Yearbook Services
Description:  Request for South Forrest Attendance Center to use Balfour for yearbooks services for the 2020-2021 school year;
4.B.5. New Board Policies 
4.B.5.a. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy
4.B.5.b. Responsible Use of District Issued Technology
4.B.6. Dixie School Day Pictures, Photography, and Yearbook Services.
Description:  Request for Dixie Attendance Center to use C Studio to provide photography services for the 2020-2021 school year for school day pictures, sports pictures, yearbook design, and production;
4.C.1. Donation for South Forrest from WOW Leaf River Camp No 28
Description:  Request to accept a $500.00 Donation from WoodmenLife Chapter 28
4.C.2. Donation from Forrest County Board of Supervisors for the Rawls Springs Safe room.
Description:  Request to accept the $707,561.50 Federal Share from Forrest County Board of Supervisors for the Rawls Springs Attendance Center Safe room;
4.D.1. Non-Certified Personnel Leaving:
4.D.1.a. Mr. Wesley Harris 
4.D.1.b. Ms. Olivia Jenkins 
4.D.1.c. Ms. Shirley Steele 
4.D.1.d. Ms. Jessica Garrett 
4.D.1.e. Ms. Mikesia Mcknight 
4.D.1.f. Ms. Alice Stewart's 
4.D.1.g. Mr. David Martin 
4.D.1.h. Mr. Brandon Robertson 
4.D.1.i. Mr. Shannon Mapp 
Description:  Request that Mr. Shannon Mapp's  Military duty on August 21, 2020, be excused.
4.D.2. Non-Certified Personnel Recommended:
4.D.2.a. All Certified Staff as bus monitors for the 2020-2021 schoolyear at an hourly rate of $20.00.
4.D.2.b. All Non-Certified Staff as bus monitors for the 2020-2021 school year at their regular hourly rate.
4.D.2.c. Ms. Lula Isaac 
4.D.2.d. Ms. Katrina Hughes
4.D.2.e. Mr. Gatlin Steelman 
4.D.2.f. Mr. Erik Shows 
4.D.2.g. Mr. Ken Chatman 
4.D.2.h. Ms. Lara Pitts 
4.D.2.i. Mr. Shawn Fitzgerald 
4.D.2.j. Ms. Sarah Cameron 
4.D.2.k. Mr. James S. Miller 
4.D.2.l. Mr. Ronald C. Danner 
4.D.2.m. All teacher volunteers receive $20.00 per hour before and after school providing custodian services to assist with cleaning and sanitizing.
4.D.2.n. Ms. Sarah Bates
4.D.3. Certified Personnel Leaving:
4.D.3.a. Ms. Mary Beth Roach 
4.D.3.b. Mr. Thomas Ross Bankston 
4.D.3.c. Mr. Robert Goodson 
Description:  Request that Mr. Robert Goodson's military service from August 21-23, 2020 be excused.
4.D.3.d. Ms. Heather Rozar
4.D.4. Certified Personnel Recommended:
4.D.4.a. Ms. Aisha Anderson 
4.D.4.b. Mr. Daniel Holcomb 
4.D.4.c. 9 teachers as Developers for the Distance Learning Curriculum at an hourly rate of $30.00
4.D.4.d. Ms. Richelle Breland 
4.D.4.e. Mr. Hunter Freeman 
4.D.4.f. Ms. Tania T. Pecoraro 
4.D.4.g. Ms. Jastassia White-Salary
4.D.4.h. Ms. Debra Niehaus

5.  Bids and Quotes
6. 16th Section
6.A. 16th Section Report
6.B. Lease #400440
Description:  Request to approve an amendment to exiting residential lease #400440 to increase the term of the lease to 40 years and include language into the lease which states "The lease must provide lenders with the right to receive a min. of 30 days' notice of any defaults by the borrower" requested by the mortgage company and approved by Board attorney;
6.C. Lease #610607
Description:  Request to approve an extension for Hunting/Fishing Lease #610607 located in the Grayson Road area south of Dixie without penalty or interest as Mr. Mark Ryals is out of the country working and has made a request;
6.D. Lease #700719
Description:  Request to approve a new 25-year residential lease with a single wide trailer for Doc Wilson Lease #700719 on Rock Hill to Brooklyn Rd.
7. Single Source
8. Financial
8.A. Bank Balances
Description:  Approve bank balances for October 31, 2019 for District and Foundation;
8.A.1. Bank Balances for July 31, 2020, and August 31, 2020.
Description:  Approve Bank Balances for July 31, 2020, and August 31, 2020;
8.B. Fica Tax Deferral 
Description:  Request to approve the Fica Tax Deferral pursuant to Presidential Executive Order and notice 2020-65;
8.C. ESSER Fund Budgets
Description:  Request to approve the budget amendments for the 2020-2021 ESSER Funds;
8.D. Equity in Distance Learning Budget Amendment
Description:  Approve the budget amendment for Fund 2592  Equity in Distance Learning;
8.E. ESY Budget Amendment for Summer of 2020
Description:  Request to approve the ESY Budget Amendment for Summer of 2020;
9. Miscellaneous
9.A. Minutes
Description:  Approve August 10, 2020 Minutes for Board and Foundation;
9.B. Agreement with Forrest County School District and Milcreek Schools, LLC.
Description:  Request to approve the agreement with Forrest County School District and Millcreek Schools, LLC for services for the 2020-2021 school year;
9.C. District Test Security plan for 2020-2021 school year
Description:  Rerquest to approve the District Test Security Plan for the 2020-2021 school year;
9.D. Contractual Agreement for Psychometrist
Description:  Request to approve Sonja V. McCaskill, Licensed Psychometrist, as a contractual employee;
9.E. JBD Attendance Addendum for 2020-2021
Description:  Request to add an Addendum (Attendance Guidance) to policy JBD for the 2020-2021 school year only;
10. Public Participation
11. Consider Executive Session
12. Enter Executive Session
13. Leave Executive Session
14. Adjourn
15.A. Monthly Workshop Compilation
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