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April 16, 2014 at 3:00 PM - Regular Board Meeting

I. Speakers on Public Sign-up Sheet: 3 minute limit "per speaker". Multiple speakers on the same topic may be asked to consolidate their presentations and designate a spokesperson.
II. Recognition of Life School Resource Officer
III. Action Items
III.a) Consent Items
A consent item shall include items of a routine and or a reoccurring nature grouped together under one action item. All such items shall be acted upon by one vote without separate discussion unless a board member requests that an item be withdrawn for individual consideration. The remaining items shall be adopted under a single motion and vote.
III.a)(1) Board of Trustees Regular Meeting Minutes on March 5, 2014
III.a)(2) New Hires/Terminations
III.a)(3) Life School Financials (as of February 28, 2014)
III.a)(4) Life School Employee Handbook 2014-2015
III.a)(5) Life School Human Resources Policies and Procedures 2014-2015
III.a)(6) Contract for Related Service Providers: Invo HealthCare Associates
III.a)(7) Contract for Behavioral Programming Services and Staff Development Service Provider Tracy Morgan
III.a)(8) Contract for Special Education Program Evaluation Provider Maryann Moorman
III.a)(9) Executed Purchase Agreement for 26 Acres Regarding New Life School Secondary Campus
III.a)(10) Executed Purchase Agreement for 11 Acres Regarding New Life School Secondary Campus
III.b) Consideration and Approval of 2013-2014 Amended Budget
III.c) Consideration and Approval of Resolution Expressing Intent to Finance Expenditures to be Incurred
III.d) Consideration and Approval of Teach for America Contract
III.e) Consideration and Approval of Ethics, Conflicts of Interest, and Nepotism Policy for LifeSchool of Dallas
III.f) Consideration and Approval of Resolution for Participation in TCSA School Finance Lawsuit
III.g) Consideration and Approval of Missed Instructional Day Waiver for Life School Oak Cliff, Life School Red Oak, Life School Lancaster, Life School Cedar Hill and Life School Mountain Creek Campuses for March 3, 2014
III.h) Consideration and Approval of Instructional Materials Allotment and TEKS Certification 2014-2015 
III.i) Consideration and Approval of Life School Red Oak 7th Grade Facility Lease
III.j) Consideration and Approval of Life High School Waxahachie Campus Construction Contract
III.k) Consideration and Approval of The Use of the Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS/TAPS) Purchasing Cooperative and the Competitive Bidding Process for Selection of Contractor for Life School Oak Cliff District Athletic Venue Project
III.l) Consideration and Approval of Life School Oak Cliff District Athletic Venue Construction and Improvement Project
III.m) Consideration and Approval of Contractor for Life School Oak Cliff Roofing and Mechanical Project
III.n) Consideration and Approval of Life School Oak Cliff Elementary Auditorium Remodel
III.o) Consideration and Approval of Shiver+Associates for Design of Life School Oak Cliff Elementary Auditorium Remodel
III.p) Consideration and Approval of the Distribution of the Preliminary Official Statement in Substantially Final Form in Connection with the Offering of the LifeSchool Series 2014 Bonds
IV. Informational Items
IV.a) Bond Update
IV.b) Dr. Chand Report
IV.c) DeBord Report
V. Closed Session Pursuant to Texas Government Code §551.074 (Personnel) and §551.071 (Consult with an Attorney) and  §551.072 (Real Property)
V.a) Pursuant to Texas Government Code §551.071(a)(2) - Consultation with an Attorney
V.b) Pursuant to Texas Government Code §551.074(a)(1) - Personnel Matters to Deliberate the Appointment, Employment, Evaluation, Reassignment, Duties, Discipline, or Dismissal of a Public Officer or Employee
V.c) Pursuant to Texas Government Code §551.072 - Concerning Real Estate Purchase, Exchange, Lease Relating to Life School Red Oak Campus
V.d) Pursuant to Texas Government Code §551.072 - Discussion of Purchase, Exchange or Lease of Real Property for High School Project, Including Available Multi-Acre Tracts of Land and Status of Letters of Intent
VI. Reconvene in Open Session for Action Relative to Closed Session
VI.a) Pursuant to Texas Government Code §551.072 - Concerning Real Estate Purchase, Exchange, Lease Relating to Life School Red Oak Campus
VI.a)(1) Consider and take possible action to authorize purchase of Red Oak properties (two tracts), if deemed appropriate by administration and delegate authority for execution of closing documents
VII. Adjourn
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