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October 22, 2014 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call To Order/Roll Call
2. Pledge to the Flag
3. Recognition of Guests/Public Comment
4. Consent Agenda
4.1. Approval of Minutes of Recent Regular and Special Meetings, and of any Board Committees
Attachments: (1)
4.2. Approval of Bills Payable and Bills paid after last Board Meeting
Attachments: (2)
4.3. Approval of Imprest and Activity Fund Reports
Attachments: (1)
4.4. Approval of Report of the School District Treasurer
4.5. Acknowledgement of letter of resignation from Mary Brady, assistant principal, OGS
5. Freedom of Information Requests
6. Administrator Reports
6.1. Oakwood Grade School
6.2. Oakwood Junior High School
6.3. Oakwood High School
6.4. Curriculum
6.5. Technology Coordinator
6.6. Special Education and Special Services
6.7. Transportation Coordinator
6.8. Superintendent
6.8.a. Tax Revenue outlook and historical trends
6.8.b. Highlights from the IASB Illini Fall Dinner Meeting at Mahomet
7. OCEF Report
8. Board Discussion Items
8.1. Proposed County-Wide School District Calendars, 2015-2018
8.2. IASB Fall Conference
8.3. Discussion on Bus Lease for 2015-17 and Bus Video Camera upgrades
9. Closed Session
9.1. To discuss the employment, appointment, performance, assignment, compensation or dismissal of an individual (120/2, 2c1)
9.2. To discuss matters related to collective bargaining (120/2, 2c2)
9.3. To review minutes of recent Closed Session meetings (120/2, 2c21)
10. Board Action Items
10.1. Action on a recommendation to add bowling as an IHSA sport for OHS for the 2014-15 school year
10.2. Personnel
10.2.a. Action on recommendation to approve appointment of volunteer bowling coach
10.2.b. Action on recommendation to approve employment of JHS Boys Track Coach
10.2.c. Action on recommendation to approve JHS volunteer assistant Cheerleading and Boys Basketball Coaches
10.3. Possible action on recommendation to approve the county-wide school calendar for 2015-2018
10.4. Action on recommendation to purchase loose-fill rubber for the OGS North Playground
10.5. Approval of Minutes of Recent Closed Session Meetings
10.6. Appointment of Dr. Forney to preside over a student disciplinary case
11. Closed Session
11.1. To consider matters related to a student disciplinary case (120/2, 2c9)
12. Board Action Item
12.1. Action on a recommendation regarding the disciplinary consequences for a student
13. Next Meeting
13.1. November 19, 2014
14. Adjournment
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