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May 18, 2021 at 9:00 AM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call of Board Members
3. Salute to the flag of the United States of America and Moment of Silence to Honor all American Men and Women in service to our Country, Firefighters, and Police Officers.
4. Call to the Public – Consideration and discussion of comments and complaints from the public. Those wishing to address the Copper Canyon Fire & Medical District Board need not request permission in advance and will be allowed three minutes to speak. The District Board is not permitted to discuss or take action on any item raised in the call to the public. However, individual Board members may be permitted to respond to criticism directed to them. Otherwise, the Board may direct that staff review the matter or that the matter be placed on a future agenda. The District Board cannot discuss or take legal action on any issue raised during the Call to the Public due to restrictions of the Open Meeting Law.
5. Approval of Minutes
5.A. Regular Meeting Minutes April 20, 2021
6. Reports:
6.A. Fire Chief
Presenter:  Chief Keller
6.A.a. Cherry Creek Update
6.A.b. Admin Office Update
6.A.c. Highland's Fire District Fire Chief Assessment Center
6.A.d. Strategic Planning Update
6.A.e. AZ Fire District Association Update
6.A.f. Engine 831 Update
6.B. Operations
Presenter:  Chief Strauss
6.C. Fire Marshal
Presenter:  Ken Krebbs
6.D. Financial/Administrative
Presenter:  Robyn Cook
6.D.a. Reconciliations
6.D.b. Financials
7. Discussion and possible action on the approval of the financials for April 2021.
8. Discussion and possible action on the Terrorist Liason Officer (TLO).
Presenter:  Ken Krebbs
9. Budget Workshop
Presenter:  Robyn Cook
10. Discussion and possible action on approving the update to the Fee Schedule for Community Risk Reduction and to allow future adjustments to be made without Board approval but require the Board to be notified if an adjustment is made.
Presenter:  Ken Krebbs
11. Discussion, possible action or staff direction on the Tower Project on Stardust Lane in Rimrock.
12. Discussion and possible action on approving the letter to Duane Hunn about the Hwy 169 project.
13. Discussion and possible action on S1298e (Fire District Pension Debt Refinancing) to hold a special meeting on May 25, 2021 via Zoom, for a presentation from Mark Reader and associates with Stifel to reduce CCFMD's unfunded PSPRS liability.
Presenter:  Robyn Cook
14. Discussion and possible action on approving the Rebound contract proposal for a supplemental employee treatment and rehabilitation plan.
Presenter:  Robyn Cook
15. Discussion and possible action on approving the IGA with Sedona Fire District for Telecoms.
Presenter:  Robyn Cook
16. Discussion and possible action on approving the changes to the following HR Manual Policies:
Presenter:  Chief Keller & Robyn Cook
16.A. 400.04 Sick Leave
16.B. 300.05 Overtime and Compensatory Time
16.C. 300.13 Mandatory OT
16.D. 400.03 Vacation
17. Discussion and possible action on allowing the Chief to use the "Rule of Threes" For new hires and promotions.
Presenter:  Steve Darby
18. Future Agenda Items
19. Adjournment
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