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March 23, 2021 at 9:00 AM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call of Board Members
3. Salute to the flag of the United States of America and Moment of Silence to Honor all American Men and Women in service to our Country, Firefighters, and Police Officers.
4. Sworn In:
4.A. Jennifer Cuevas
4.B. Brandon Dohrman
4.C. Ian Haney
4.D. Michael Rhorer
4.E. Chelsea Sine
4.F. Jacob Spleiss
5. Badge Pinning:
5.A. Tyler Rezzonico
5.B. Adam Senger
5.C. Nic Dubs
5.D. Jake Fitzgerald
5.E. Tanner McDonald
5.F. Rob Young
5.G. Jennifer Cuevas
5.H. Brandon Dohrman
5.I. Ian Haney
5.J. Michael Rhorer
5.K. Chelsea Sine
5.L. Jacob Spleiss
6. Call to the Public – Consideration and discussion of comments and complaints from the public. Those wishing to address the Copper Canyon Fire & Medical District Board need not request permission in advance and will be allowed three minutes to speak. The District Board is not permitted to discuss or take action on any item raised in the call to the public. However, individual Board members may be permitted to respond to criticism directed to them. Otherwise, the Board may direct that staff review the matter or that the matter be placed on a future agenda. The District Board cannot discuss or take legal action on any issue raised during the Call to the Public due to restrictions of the Open Meeting Law.
7. Approval of Minutes
7.A. Executive Session Minutes January 19, 2021
7.B. Regular Meeting Minutes February 16, 2021
8. Reports:
8.A. Fire Chief
8.A.a. Cherry Creek Update
8.A.b. Grant Update
8.A.c. Administration Building Repairs/Rennovation Update
8.A.d. Interim/Action Chief Board Policy Update
8.A.e. Cancer Prevention Initiatives Update
8.A.f. Apparatus Update
8.A.g. COVID 19 Update
8.A.h. Engine & Ambulance 831 Response Update
8.B. Operations
8.C. Fire Marshal
8.D. Financial/Administrative
8.D.a. Reconciliations
8.D.b. Financials
9. Discussion and possible action on approving the financials for January 2021 from the February 16, 2021 meeting.
10. Discussion and possible action on the approval of the financials for February 2021.
11. Budget Workshop - Revenue, Wages and Benefits
12. Discussion and possible action on Health Benefits for FY 21 - 22 and adding Domestic Partners to our Plan Documents.
Presenter:  Robyn Cook
Description:  Normally we just auto renew with Kairos, this year they are making a change from BCBS to United Healthcare.  I will give an indepth review of the costs associated with the changes.  Therefore we are having a discussion with the Board about our renewal.  We would also like to add Domestic Partners to our Plan Documents.
13. Discussion and possible action on purchasing a UTV for wildland and rescue incidents.
14. Discussion, possible action or staff direction on the Tower Project on Stardust Lane in Rimrock.
Description:  The attached documents are from Bill Whittington with changes to the contract from Merit (Paul) for you to review.
15. Discussion and possible action on the administrative offices and the repairs/rennovations required.
16. Discussion and possible action on approving the Board Policy:
16.A. Acting or Interim Fire Chief Appointments
17. Discussion and possible action on approving the changes to Human Resource Policies:
17.A. 300.13 Mandatory Overtime
17.B. 100.05 Temporary/Acting Appointments
17.C. 300.10 Promotions
18. Discussion and update on the Hwy 169 Project and possible annexation.
19. Discussion and possible action on closing these bank/fund accounts at Yavapai County Treasurers:
Presenter:  Robyn Cook
Description:  This is a cleanup at the County Treasurer's Office.
19.A. Camp Verde General/Warrant Fund
19.B. Camp Verde Capital Reserve Fund
19.C. Montezuma Rimrock General/Warrant Fund
19.D. Montezuma Rimrock Captial Reserve Fund
19.E. Copper Canyon Fire & Medical Authority General/Warrant Fund
19.F. Copper Canyon Fire & Medical Authority Capital Reserve Fund
20. Future Agenda Items
21. Adjournment
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