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December 18, 2018 at 5:30 PM - Regular

1. Call to Order, Invocation
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Approval of Minutes from November 29, 2018
Description:  I have reviewed the minutes and they appear to be in order.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.
4. Lawrence County High School Choir 
Description:  The Lawrence County High School Choir will be performing two Christmas Carols for us Tuesday evening.  This will be their 3rd performance of the season.  The choir is directed by Mrs. Thornton and federal funds have paid for the music for the start up of this activity.  Currently the choir is made up of 25 students and the goal is to increase the number to 30 for 2019-2020.  LCHS is working toward providing a well rounded education for our students.  I know you will enjoy the performance. 
5. Public Comments
6. Superintendent Comments
A.  Student/Teacher Attendance Reports
B.  Discipline Reports
C.  Bullying Reports - 1
D.  Drop Out Reports - 0
E.  Accident Report
F.  2019-2020 Calendar
Description:  As usual, I will point out the reports for student/teacher attendance, discipline, bullying, drop outs, and accident reports and not go over them in depth.  The good news is our bullying reports are down and no drop outs for this month.  
We, the administration and teachers, are working on the 2019-2020 school calendar.  We have a draft completed and hope to have it ready for approval in January.  I will present the first draft to you Tuesday night and some of the ideas that have already come to my attention.  
I will also take time during superintendent comments to recognize Mr. Bryan and Mr. Thames for their service as school board members for the LCSD.  
7. Financial Matters
7.A. Financial Reports
Description:  The first attachment is referencing a transfer of $47,850.00 from fund 2927 to Fund 1120.  This 47,850.00 came from a three year grant we completed last year.  We were required by the grant to pay up front for the professional developed it provided and then the funds would be reimbursed. The grant has been closed and the district has received all funds due from the grant.  Now, we will refund the district's money.  

Making Schools Work was a grant written by Dr. Quin which involved a tremendous amount of professional development for math, literacy, and language for middle school and high school.  
Please approve this transfer of funds to our regular account, district maintenance.  If you have further questions, please contact Mr. Martin.

If you have any other questions regarding financial matters, please contact Mr. Martin.  
7.B. Approval of Financial Reports pursuant to MS Code ยง 37-9-18 and State Board Policy 6902 for the month of October 2018
8. Consent Agenda (Non-Personnel)
8.A. Approval of School Board Policies E, F, K, L, and M
Description:  If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the above policy sections, please let me know.  As stated in the November board meeting there are some changes to section E with no changes needed in the other sections.  
8.B. Item Removed for Separate Action:  Approval of Targeted School Improvement (TSI) Plan & Title I School Improvement Funding for TSI School (Rod Paige Middle School)
Description:  Due to low performance in the special needs subgroup at RPMS, the school is considered a Targeted School Improvement (TSI) school.  This mean a plan of improvement is required by MDE through federal program guidelines.  The committee which is made up of the school's administrators, staff, and district office staff have been working to develop a plan of improvement with little or no assistance from MDE.  MDE has required that the plan be submitted December 15, 2018.  Therefore, we are submitting what we believe to be correct after your approval on December 15.  RPMS will begin reporting their action plan and its result beginning in January to the school board on a monthly basis.  
If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Oakes.
8.C. Approval of School Bus Turnaround Requests:  Ecko Ford        Lisa Ainsworth
Description:  If you have questions regarding these bus turnarounds, please contact Mr. Rutland. 
9. Item 8. B. (Non-Personnel):  Approval of Targeted School Improvement (TSI) Plan & Title I School Improvement Funding for TSI School (Rod Paige Middle School)
10. Consent Agenda (Personnel)
10.A. Approval of tutors at Rod Paige Middle School 
Description:  This is a tutoring program similar to the other school proposals you have approved earlier in the year.  Please accept this recommendation so that tutoring can begin at RPMS in January.  Please contact Mrs. Oakes if you have any questions.  
10.B. Approval of tutors at Monticello Elementary School
Description:  As stated in the attachment, these are additional tutors Mrs. Dixon would like to add to her current list of tutors for her current after school tutoring program.  If you have questions, Please contact Mrs. Oakes. 
10.C. Approval of the employment of Luke Martin as a bus driver pending proper certification and clearance of criminal background history
Description:  The need for bus drivers is GREAT.  Please approve this recommendation for Mr. Luke Martin as school bus driver for the LCSD.  I understand he will take one of our  in the New Hebron School Zone.  Please contact Mr. Rutland if you have questions.  
10.D. Approval of the employment of Jesse McPhail as a bus driver 
Description:  Mr. McPhail has been subbing for us.  He has agreed to take a full time route.  Please accept this recommendation.  Contact Mr. Rutland if you have questions.  
10.E. Approval of the employment of Dianne Acy as a bus driver
Description:  Please approve Mrs. Acy as a full time bus driver for the LCSD.  Due to the shortage of bus drivers, once Mrs. Acy's paperwork cleared for her to drive she began driving a bus for us in the Sontag area.  Please contact Mr. Rutland if you have questions.  
10.F. Approval of salary adjustment for Elsie Rodriguez due to years of experience
Description:  It was recently brought to our attention that Mrs. Rodriguez was due an hourly increase due to her experience.  This was researched by Mr. Rutland and found to be correct.  Mrs. Rodriguez is an excellent bus driver and we are fortunate to have her on our team.   Please contact Mr. Rutland if you have any questions regarding this matter.  
10.G. Approval of resignation from Victoria Cox as bus driver and to allow her to be added to our substitute bus driver list
Description:  Mrs. Cox is a 3rd grade teacher at NHAC and mother of two boys.  She believes she needs to drop her bus route in order to give more attention to her 3rd grade students and her own children.  We are appreciative that Mrs. Cox will continue to sub for us.  
10.H. Approval of resignation from Victoria Cox as archery coach at New Hebron Attendance Center
Description:  Again Mrs. Cox is a 3rd grade teacher with young children and she feels she needs to devote her time to her 3rd graders and family.  We appreciate all Mrs. Cox has done for the archery team at NHAC.  Remember, they brought home a state championship last year.  
10.I. Approval for Misty Grubbs and Donna Rose to receive 12.5% of their yearly base salary for teaching courses during their planning period for the Spring 2019 semester
Description:  With the shortage of teachers, we are recommending that Mrs. Grubbs and Mrs. Rose continue to teach the additional block in order to meet the needs for our students in math and science.  Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this matter.  You approved this for first semester of this year and we need to continue the process for second semester.  
10.J. Approval of the employment of Leigh Jackson as teacher at Rod Paige Middle School as recommended by Teffany Madison, Principal
Description:  Ms. Jackson is a k-6 teacher who is currently employed with the Rankin County School District.  Upon her release from her contract from Rankin County, she will be assigned to RPMS as a 6th grade teacher.  If Rankin County will not release her, the position will be filled with a teacher assistant.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  
10.K. Approval of resignation from Brandi Peyton effective December 19, 2018
Description:  Ms. Peyton has submitted her resignation as a special education teacher at TTAC.  I am submitting her request to the board for your approval.  I have spoken with Mrs. James, Mr. Felder, and Mr. Martin regarding this resignation.  They agree to allow the resignation.  In the event a special education teacher applies, he/she will be interviewed and considered to fill the position.  Until then, Mrs. James and Mr. Felder will reorganize the program to meet the needs of our students.  They are confident that no harm will come to our students who are served in the area of special education at TTAC.  Mr. Martin and Mr. Felder met with Ms. Peyton to obtain more information regarding her resignation.  She simply feels like this is what she needs to do at this time.  If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.  
10.L. Approval of resignation from Deborah Collins effective December 7, 2018
Description:  Mrs. Collins has been dealing with illness in her family for several weeks now and feels this is the best avenue for her to take at this time.  Mrs. Collins has been a good employee and we hate to lose her but pray that the illness plaguing her family at this time will soon go away.  Please contact me if you have questions. 
11. Bi-Racial Comittee
12. Executive Session
Description:  Executive session is being requested to update you on the possible selling of school property.  As you recall, we had someone come to the board with an interest in purchasing the alternative campus site.  And just recently I had Dr. Jonathon Bines, Executive Director of Five County Head Start express an interest in purchasing the old Chev property.  Please contact me if you have questions.  

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