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October 21, 2019 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

Description:  Board of Education:
__President Singer; __Vice President McFarland; __Secretary Baker; __Treasurer Fredell;
__Member Blasy; __Member Lauderbach; __Member Rausch
Central Staff:
Superintendent Sharrow
Associate Superintendents Brutyn, Jaster, Miller-Nelson
2.1. Approval of the Minutes from the September 16, 2019 Regular Meeting
2.2. The following persons are recommended for employment for the 2019-20 school year:
Description:  <> Georgianne Poprave, 1.0, Elementary Special Education Teacher
<> Alyssa Brown, 1.0, Elementary Special Education Teacher
2.3. The following staff members have announced their resignation effective as of these dates:
Description:  <> Venus De La Cruz, Bus Driver, Transportation Department, October 3, 2019
<> Kristin Sutter, Paraprofessional, Chestnut Hill Elementary, September 20, 2019
2.4. Approval of the payment of the school system's bills for the months of July and August 2019 as listed in the check registers, prepared by Ms. Holderby, in the total amount of $18,089,057 is recommended. The distribution of obligations by fund is included in the documentation.
2.5. Approval is requested to authorize the following legal payments:
Description:  <> Thrun Law Firm, P.C. for $1,773.00, September 26, 2019, Professional Legal Fees
<> Lusk Albertson PLC for $90.00, October 4, 2019, Professional Legal Fees
3.1. Shining Stars (Sharrow)
3.2. Midland Public Schools Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Program
Description:  Kristi Hainstock (School Psychologist), Paul Schroll (Siebert Elementary Principal), and Tracey Ecker (Siebert Elementary 5th Grade Teacher)
3.3. For Action: Series 1 Bond Audit (Brutyn)
3.4. For Action: Resolution to Amend Board Policy to Change Duration of Board Member Terms (Singer)
3.5. For Action: District Property and Casualty Insurance Renewal (Brutyn)
Description:  The Midland Public Schools protects its real and personal property with an all-risk replacement cost policy. The value of the District properties and contents is now listed at $247,452,479.00. A price quotation has been received from our local insurance agent, Ieuter Insurance Group of Midland, Michigan, for coverage for the 2019-2020 school year. This is a one-year renewal of the current policy, which expires on November 17, 2019.   The principal coverage and deductibles are: 
                                                                             Coverage Limit                  Deductible
Buildings and Contents                                           $247,452,479                     $25,000
Equipment Breakdown (including boilers)                      $250,000                   $25,000
Video Equipment                                                              $20,000                          $250
Violent Event Response                                                 $300,000                           None
School Leaders Errors and Omissions                        $1,000,000                        $5,000
Liability                                                      $1,000,000/$2,000,000 Varies by Incident
Umbrella                                                                       $5,000,000                   $25,000
Fleet Coverage:
   Vehicles                                                          Actual Cash Value 
   Collision Deductible: $1,000 
   Comprehensive Deductible $1,000
The administration recommends that we renew insurance coverage from Ieuter Insurance Group of Midland, Michigan, for a total cost of $245,812.00.
3.6. For Action: Maintenance Building Roof Bid (Brutyn)
Description:  Bids were sought for roof replacement on the MPS Maintenance and Transportation building. The administration recommends awarding the project to the low bidder, Thomas Brown and Son Roofing of Bay City, Michigan, for a total cost of $239,195.00.  The district Capitol Improvement Fund will be utilized for this project.
Description:  No requests to address the Board have been received.
5.1. Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Study Committee Minutes October 15, 2019
5.2. For Information: Books
Description:  The following five novels are being presented for the 28-day period of examination. These novels are available for review at the office of Curriculum and Instruction.
This book will be used for Reading 6 and Writing 6:
<>Title: Projekt 1065; Author: Alan Gratz; Publisher: Scholastic; Copyright: 2016
This book will be used for Reading 6, English, Language Arts 7 & 8:
<>Title: Refuge; Author: Alan Gratz; Publisher: Scholastic; Copyright: 2017
This book will be used for English Language Arts 7:
<>Title: Grenade; Author: Alan Gratz; Publisher: Scholastic; Copyright: 2018
These books will be used for English 9A:
<>Title: Long Way Down; Author: Jason Reynolds; Publisher: Atheneum; Copyright: 2017
<>Title: Piecing Me Together; Author: Renee Watson; Publisher: Bloomsbury USA; Copyright: 2017
5.3. For Information: 2019-20 Advisory Board on Instruction in Sex Education and Birth Control
Description:  The following people have been appointed to the Advisory Board on Instruction in Sex Education and Birth Control for the 2019-2020 school year by the Midland Public Schools’ Board of Education. Mr. Scott McFarland is the Board’s liaison to this committee. Steve Poole and Rev. Wally Mayton will serve as co-chairs of this committee. 
<> Reverend Wally Mayton, Co-Chair, clergy representative from Memorial Presbytarian
<> Steve Poole, Co-Chair, educator, parent
<> Amy Jaster, health professional, parent
<> Michael Donovan, health teacher
<> Marnie Williams, health teacher, parent
<> Owen Jozwiak, Midland High School student
<> Evelyn Pressnell, Dow High School student
<> Dr. Jeff Newman, health professional, parent
<> Scott McFarland, Board of Education member, parent
Description:  Study Committee Chair: Ms. Fredell; Staff Resource Person: Mr. Brutyn
6.1. Finance, Facilities & Operations Study Committee Minutes October 7, 2019
6.2. For Information: Gift totaling $14,619.95
Description:  <> $   665.00 from Mr./Mrs. Collin Buell for Pre-Primary Center books & t-shirts
<> $1,000.00 from Mr./Mrs. John Wilson for HH Dow HS girls' swim team
<> $   510.00 from Girl Scout Troop #50336 for Chestnut Hill ES library books
<> $   500.00 from Poznak Dyer Kanar Schefsky Thompson for Northeast MS Robotics
<> $   200.00 from Jefferson Parent Advisory Committee (JPAC) for CSCTFL (foreign language conf.) Registration and AV Package
<> $1,950.00 from Siebert ES PTO for teacher classroom supplies
<> $   350.00 from Michigan Tree Farm Committee for Adams ES 4th Grade field trip transportation
<> $ 1,001.00 from Karthikeyan Balakrishnan for MPS homeless student assistance programs
The following gifts have been given in support of Midland HS Robotics:
<> $    500.00 from Mr./Mrs. Todd Draves
<> $    700.00 from Pegy Jackson
<> $    300.00 from Paul Getz
From HH Dow HS All Athletic Boosters
<> $1,000.00 for hockey ice time
<> $   693.95 for wrestling scale
From the Midland Area Community Foundation: 
CommunityGives Youth Service Program
<> $1,000.00 in support of HH Dow HS DECA competition travel costs & fees
<> $1,000.00 in support of HH Dow HS varsity pom uniforms
<> $1,000.00 in support of HH Dow HS robotics
<> $1,000.00 in support of Midland HS robotics
Midland County Youth Action Council
<> $   250.00 in support of HH Dow HS school supply drive CAS project
<> $   500.00 in support of HH Dow HS voluntary reading library in classroom
<> $   500.00 in support of books for Woodcrest ES classroom
6.3. For Action: Gifts totaling $6,000.00
Description:  <> $6,000.00 from Midland Area Community Foundation for books for "One Author, One Community" program for MPS 4th-8th grade students
6.4. For Information: Gift of Items
Description:  <> Trumpet (King 600) for MPS Music Program from John Gohndrone
<> 1/2 Cello (Eastman Strobel Model 80) for MPS Music Program at DHS from Philip/Christine Hong
Description:  Study Committee Chair: Mr. McFarland; Staff Resource Person: Mr. Brutyn
7.1. Human Resources Study Committee Minutes October 10, 2019
7.2. In Memoriam (Jaster)
Description:  The Board and Staff extend their deepest sympathy to the family of Ms. Romia Dudzik, who passed away on October 2, 2019. Ms. Dudzik was a Secretary at Carpenter Elementary School for 23 years, retiring in 1984.
8.1. For Information: Letters from the Board of Education to:
Description:  <> Mr./Mrs. Rodney Coleman <> Cobblestone Homes <> Scott MacGregor State Farm <> AGP & Associates, Inc. <> Savant <> Dale Carnegie Training <> Midland Computer Solutions <> Midland Area Community Foundation <> Mr./Mrs. Steven Lundsted <> Mr./Mrs. Jai Mahabir <> Mr./Mrs. Rick Stoecker <> Mr./Mrs. Brian Anderson <> Mr./Mrs. Keith Heinz <> Mr./Mrs. Michael Steger <> Mr./Mrs. Matthew Sabin <> Mr./Mrs. David Kell <> Mr./Mrs. Shae Richins <> Mr./Mrs. Fredrick Miller <> Ms. Karen Murphy <> Ms. Racheal Pegouskie <> Mr./Mrs. Norman Kanar <> Dr. Jennifer Vannette <> Mr. Eric Buschlen
8.2. For Information: Letters to the Board of Education from
Description:  <> Chemical City Paper regarding the District's response re: former H.H. Dow High School Principal
Description:  All meetings are Regular and Special Meetings of the Board of Education and begin at 7:00 p.m. at the MPS Administration Center (600 East Carpenter, Midland) unless otherwise noted.
<> November 18, 2019 <> December 16, 2019
The following dates are tentative until approved at the January 20, 2020 Organizational Meeting. <> January 20, 2020 (Organizational Meeting) <> February 17, 2020 <> March 16, 2020 <> April 20, 2020 (Budget Workshop--6:30; Regular Meeting directly following) <> May 18, 2020 <> June 8, 2020 <> June 22, 2020
Description:  This portion of the agenda is utilized by the Board to introduce topics for future study, to discuss school district related matters, to complete professional association business and to relate items of interest. No action is taken during this time. Occasionally closed sessions are scheduled to discuss confidential personnel, negotiations or property matters.
10.1. Hearing from Board Members
10.2. Announcements from Superintendent Sharrow
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