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January 28, 2020 at 6:30 PM - Board Meeting - Joint Powers Board #0938

I. Call to Order   
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Acceptance of Agenda
IV. Organizational Meeting
IV.A. Election of Officers
IV.A.1. Chairperson
IV.A.2. Vice Chairperson
IV.A.3. Treasurer
IV.A.4. Clerk
IV.B. Setting of Meeting, Place, Day, and Time
IV.C. Designation of Official Newspaper - Wright County Journal Press
IV.D. Resolution Designating Depositor and Accounts (Attachment A)
IV.D.1. Checking - Kensington Bank
IV.D.2. Savings - Minnesota School District Liquid Asset Fund Plus
IV.E. Resolution Authorizing Issuance of Individual Procurement Cards (Attachment B)
Attachments: (1)
IV.F. Authorization for Business Manager and Executive Director to Make Electronic Fund Transfers
IV.G. Authorization for the Executive Director to Employ Necessary Personnel on a Short Term Basis
IV.H. Authorization to Pay Specific Accounts Prior to the Board Meeting
IV.H.1. Payroll
IV.H.3. Insurance premiums
IV.H.4. Telephone expense
IV.H.5. Travel expense to staff
IV.H.6. Rent
IV.H.7. Utilities
IV.H.8. Federal sub-award payments to member districts
IV.H.9. Supplies and Equipment as approved by the Executive Director of Business Manager
IV.H.10. Contracts for services
IV.H.11. Advertising for employment
IV.I. Authorization to Pay Monthly Board Bills in the Event of No Quorum at Regular Monthly Meetings (as long as the check register is received prior to meeting date)
IV.J. Board Meeting Per Diem Rates and Mileage Allowance 
IV.K. Board Committee Assignments
Description:  The roster is attached. The roster will be updated If the committee assignments change. Please review telephone number, address, email address and occupation. 
IV.K.1. Administrative/Classified and Non-Union Certified Personnel (3)
IV.K.2. Facilities (2)
IV.K.3. Meet and Confer / Staff and Board Task Force (2)
IV.K.4. Negotiations with Union Contracts (3)
IV.K.5. 403(b) (3)
IV.K.6. Policy Review (3)
IV.K.7. Health Insurance (2)
V. Minutes of Previous Meeting
VI. Bills for Payment and other financial reports as attached
VII. Fund Transfers
VIII. Acknowledgement - Paraprofessional Recognition Week,January 27-31, 2020
Description:  The significant contributions of special education paraprofessionals employed by the member districts and the Cooperative are acknowledged. The service and support provided by Cooperative paraprofessionals (listed in the attachment) to our students with disabilities is greatly appreciated. 
IX. Reports
IX.A. Business Manager Report
IX.B. Director Report
X. New Business
X.A. Personnel
X.A.1. Employment: Brandon Skoog, 1-1 Paraprofessional (Journeys Program) at Step 1, 107 days, up to 32.50 hours/week, effective December 16, 2019.
X.A.2. Employment: Jennifer Bloss, 1-1 Paraprofessional (Eastern Wright Program), at Step 1, 105 days, up to 32.50 hours/week, effective December 18, 2019. 
X.A.3. Employment: Michelle Nybo, Paraprofessional (Trek Program) at Step 1, 101 days, up to 36 hours/week effective January 2, 2020. 
X.A.4. Employment: Meera Lyver, Teacher, Vision Impairments, at BA+15, 3, 50 days (.27 FTE) effective January 2, 2020. 
X.A.5. Employment: Nicole Johnson Powell, 1-1 Paraprofessional (Village Ranch Alternative Program) at Step 3, 100 days, up to 32.50 hours/week, effective January 6, 2020. 
X.A.6. Resignation: Ray Getz, Custodian/Food Service (MAWSECO Education Center) effective December 20, 2019. 
X.A.7. Resignation: Jolene Spike, Paraprofessional (Cornerstones Program) effective February 5, 2020. 
X.A.8. Additional Hours: Juan Roberto, Student Worker-Food Service/Custodian, up to 16 hours/week effective January 29, 2020. 
X.A.9. Employment: Jana Thorson, Teacher (Cornerstones Program) at BA+30, 10, 90 days (.495 FTE) effective January 21, 2020. 
X.A.10. Revision to Addendum to Business Manager's Contract
X.B. Resolution for Acceptance of Donations (Attachment D)
XI. Closed Session: Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 136D.05, subdivision 2(a) to consider an individual's medical records in connection with a pending grievance. 
XII. Open Session 
XIII. Future Board Meetings
XIII.A. February 25, 2020, 6:30 p.m., MAWSECO Education Center, Howard Lake
XIII.B. March 24, 2020, 6:30 p.m., MAWSECO Education Center, Howard Lake
XIII.C. April 28, 2020, 6:30 p.m., MAWSECO Education Center, Howard Lake
XIV. Adjournment
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