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August 9, 2021 at 7:00 PM - BOE Regular Session

1. Call to Order and Roll Check 
Presenter:  Board Chair Eva Skuratowicz
2. Land Acknowledgment  
Description:  The Native American Student Union (NASU) at Ashland Middle School created a land acknowledgment to honor the origins of the lands on which our schools operate. 
Attachments: (1)
3. Adoption of Agenda (At this time Board members are provided the opportunity to amend the Regular Session agenda.) 
Presenter:  Board Chair Eva Skuratowicz
Description:  It is recommended that the Board adopt the agenda for August 9, 2021.
QUESTION: Should the Board adopt the August 9, 2021, Regular Session agenda as presented?
4. Consent Agenda (All items may be adopted by a single motion unless pulled for special consideration.)
Presenter:  Board Chair Eva Skuratowicz
Description:  It is recommended that the Board approve the consent agenda for August 9, 2021.
QUESTION: Should the Board approve the consent agenda for August 9, 2021, as presented?
4.A. Approval of Minutes
Description:  Regular Session of July 12, 2021.
Attachments: (1)
4.B. Personnel Report for August 1, 2021
Attachments: (1)
5. Board Reports
Presenter:  Board Chair Eva Skuratowicz
Description:  Board members will report on recent activities.
6. Hear Public Comments (The Ashland School District Board of Directors reserves this time for individuals to relay comments in person, in writing or virtually via a Zoom connection to the Board regarding topics not on the printed agenda.

See Below for Details on Public Comments Submitted
Public Comment was received from Meryl Roberts, a resident of Ashland, on the topic of public health guidance about face masks for all students in schools. See attached.
Presenter:  Board Chair Eva Skuratowicz
7. Superintendent Update
Presenter:  Superintendent Samuel Bogdanove
Description:  The Superintendent will report on items of interest.
7.A. Summer School Update 
7.B. New Interim Assistant Principal at Ashland High School
7.C. Classified Staff Hires
7.D. Modulars for Walker Elementary
7.E. Re-opening School and Masking
8. District Staff Updates
8.A. Transportation Vehicle Disposals
Presenter:  Director of Transportation Stacey Cheshire
Description:  Transportation requests the disposal of the following two vehicles:
21 BUS E 198582 1BAANCSA8VF073324 BLUEBIRD 1997 35000 84 186880
22 BUS E 198580 1BAANCSA8VF073322 BLUEBIRD 1997 35000 84 179336

8.B. Finance Report
Presenter:  Director of Finance Alana Valencia
8.B.1) Resolution for Appropriation Change
Description:  A resolution requesting the Board's authorization to transfer funds among accounts for purposes identified in the attached Resolution 2022 #2B.
Attachments: (2)
9. Unfinished Business
10. New Business
10.A. Agreement: Confidential Employees
Description:  The agreement governing the employment of confidential employees for fiscal year 2021-2022.
Attachments: (1)
10.B. Agreement: Supervisory Employees
Description:  The proposed agreement for directors for FY2021-2022.
Attachments: (3)
10.C. Board Policy Updates
Presenter:  Assistant Superintendent Erika Bare
10.C.1) JFCM Threats of Violence
Description:  This updated recommended November 2020 to better align with language from the statute and also to reflect an equity lens. Copies of the recommended updated version and the current policy are attached.
Attachments: (2)
10.C.2) GBN/JBA Sexual Harassment - Administrative Regulation
Description:  An update of this AR to support recently revised policies incorporating new state and federal regulations. 
Attachments: (2)
11. The Board will adjourn into Executive Session per ORS 192.660 (2)(d) to conduct deliberations with persons designated by the governing body to carry on labor negotiations.
Presenter:  Board Chair Eva Skuratowicz
12. The Board will emerge from Executive Session to review any other items of interest that members bring before it.
Presenter:  Board Chair Eva Skuratowicz
13. Announcements and Appointments  
Presenter:  Board Chair Eva Skuratowicz
13.A. The Board will hold its annual retreat Tuesday, August 10 beginning at 10:30 am and continuing on August 11 at 8:30 am at 1600 Nevada, Ashland, Oregon.
13.B. The Board will hold a work session on Monday, August 23, at 7:00 pm, in the District Office boardroom, 885 Siskiyou Blvd., Ashland.
13.C. The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, September 13, 2021, at 7:00 pm at 1175 East Main Street, Ashland, Oregon.
14. Adjourn
Presenter:  Board Chair Eva Skuratowicz

A. Improve student achievement
B. Recruit and retain high quality and diverse staff
C. Create and maintain an environment that is welcoming, supportive and inclusive
of all students and staff.
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