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October 26, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Ashland School Board

1. Call to Order / Roll Check     7:00 pm
Presenter:  Board Chair Eva Skuratowicz
2. Revised Policies GBEB Communicable Diseases_Staff and JHCC Communicable Diseases_Students     10 Minutes
Presenter:  Director of Human Resources Laurie Rooper and School Nurse Belinda Brown
Description:  A brief opportunity for board members to ask questions about the proposed revisions to board policies GBEB and JHCC.
3. Youth Truth Survey   30 Minutes
Presenter:  Superintendent Samuel Bogdanove and Youth Truth Partnership Lead Jimmy Simpson
Description:  The Board will review an executive summary of the YouthTruth survey conducted in the 2019-2020 school year.
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4. Schooling Through COVID     15 Minutes
Presenter:  Director of Programs Christine McCollom
Description:  The Board will have an informal discussion about COVID-19 infection metrics and possible options for in-person instruction.
5. District Staff Updates
5.A. Superintendent Update     10 Minutes
Presenter:  Superintendent Samuel Bogdanove
Description:  Superintendent Bogdanove will update on items of interest.
5.B. Bond Update     7 Minutes
Presenter:  ASD Operations Director Steve Mitzel and HMK Program Director Chris McKay
Description:  After careful review and consideration, HMK Company recommends that you award Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) Amendment 2 to Adroit Construction Co., Inc. in the amount of $30,815,299.00 for the complete construction package for the Ashland Middle School. 
The original Contract amount of $75,000, GMP 1 for $460,721.00 and GMP Amendment 2 for above increase in scope for $30,815,299.00, will bring the total Not to Exceed sum to $31,351,020.00.   
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5.C. Finance Report     7 Minutes
Presenter:  Director of Finance Alana Valencia
Description:  The Board will be asked to approve the agreement with the new third party administrator for the district's employee health insurance plan.
5.D. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Presenter:  Director of Equity & Inclusion Andrea Townsend
5.D.1) Land Acknowledgment     20 Minutes
Description:  The Board will discuss developing a written land acknowledgment recognizing our original residents and the continuing contribution to our community of our Native American people.
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5.D.2) Black Lives Matter     20 Minutes
Description:  The Board will discuss drafting a resolution affirming support for Black Lives Matter and other expressions of inclusion for communities of color.
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5.D.3) Facility Naming Review Committee     10 Minutes
Description:  A brief update on the formation of a new committee to review the names of all district facilities.
6. OSBA Recommended Policy Updates
6.A. Sexual Harassment and Title IX     30 Minutes
Presenter:  Director of Human Resources Laurie Rooper and Director of Student Services Erika Bare
Description:  A presentation on recommendations for amending board policies governing sexual harassment and Title IX response, based on new Oregon state laws and revised federal regulations for recipients of federal funds.
6.B. All Students Belong     20 Minutes
Presenter:  Superintendent Samuel Bogdanove
Description:  Review of a new policy required at the direction of the Oregon Department of Education governing bias incidents and symbols of hate in schools. Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 581-022-2312 requires the adoption of this new policy by January 1, 2021.
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7. Executive Session
Description:  The Board will adjourn into Executive Session per ORS 192.660 (2)(f) to consider records exempt by law from public inspection.
8. Other Items of Interest
Description:  The Board will emerge from Executive Session to review any remaining items of interest.
8.A. OSBA Board Elections and Legislative Priorities     5 Minutes
Presenter:  Board Chair Eva Skuratowicz
Description:  Information Item: The Ashland School Board will be asked to vote on a slate of nominees to represent the southern region on the Board of Directors for the Oregon School Board Association. Information on candidates for review.

The OSBA also requests a vote of affirmation on its legislative priorities for the current school year and upcoming Oregon legislative session.  
9. Adjourn
Presenter:  Board Chair Eva Skuratowicz
A. Improve student achievement.
B. Recruit and retain high quality and diverse staff.
C. Create and maintain an environment that is welcoming, supportive, and inclusive of all students and staff.
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