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September 28, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Ashland School Board

1. Call to Order / Roll Check
Presenter:  Board Chair Eva Skuratowicz
2. District Staff Updates
2.A. Student Investment Account Funding
Presenter:  Director of Finance Alana Valencia
Description:  The District has been informed of the cuts to our expected Student Investment Account (SIA) funding for 2020-2021. Ms. Valencia will present the proposed adjustments to the plan originally submitted to ODE, which is in line with the priorities identified by last year's planning group.

15 Minutes
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2.B. Applications for District Budget Committee for 2021-2022
Presenter:  Director of Finance Alana Valencia
Description:  The Board has announced two vacancies on the budget committee and opened applications for a position on the committee.  There is a recommendation that the deadline for applications is extended into early November.

ASD Budget Committee Vacancies
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2.C. 2020-2021 School Year Calendar
Presenter:  Superintendent Samuel Bogdanove
Description:  In view of the unexpected multi-day closure of all schools in response to the wildfire emergency throughout the Rogue Valley, the Board will consider the option of extending the school year to achieve make-up days.
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2.D. Superintendent Update
Presenter:  Superintendent Samuel Bogdanove
Description:  Superintendent Bogdanove will update on items of interest across the district.
2.D.1) Presentation on document storage solution for the Board in Microsoft Teams
3. 360 Evaluation of District Superintendent
Presenter:  Board Chair Eva Skuratowicz
Description:  The Board intends to conduct a 360 evaluation of its district superintendent in early 2021. This will be a preliminary discussion of options for the process and possible questions to include.
4. OSBA Recommended Policy Update
Presenter:  Director of HR & Communication
Description:  Information Item:  OSBA has issued several critical policy updates pertaining to Sexual Harassment Complaints. They recommend that some current policies be rescinded and replaced with new versions reflecting changes in state and federal law or policy guidance. OSBA also recommends changes to policies on Communicable Diseases to reflect new regulations pertaining to infectious disease. Corresponding administrative regulations will need to be updated and a new procedure for Title IX complaints to reflect changes in the federal Department of Education guidance.

Current and recommended policies are attached. ASD indicates current board policy, OSBA indicates recommended new policy.

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5. The Board will adjourn into Executive Session per ORS 192.660 (2)(i) to review and evaluate the performance of the chief executive officer or any other public officer, employee, or staff member unless the person whose performance is being reviewed and evaluated requests an open hearing.
Presenter:  Board Chair Eva Skuratowicz
6. The Board will emerge from Executive Session to review any other items of interest that members bring before it.
Presenter:  Board Chair Eva Skuratowicz
7. Adjourn
Presenter:  Board Chair Eva Skuratowicz
A. Improve student achievement.
B. Recruit and retain high quality and diverse staff.
C. Create and maintain an environment that is welcoming, supportive, and inclusive of all students and staff.
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