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December 9, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

If you have questions or comments related to items not on the agenda, you may address the Board during Part II of the agenda. For public comment related to items which are listed on the agenda for discussion and possible legal action, you may provide input during the time the Board discusses the item.  In either case, please complete a "Request to Speak" Form and submit it to the Board Secretary before the meeting is called to order. Your name will be called when it's your turn to speak. Citizens are asked to restrict their comments to three (3) minutes. Groups wishing to speak should select a spokesperson to represent the view of the group.   Before you begin to speak, please identify yourself by clearly stating for the record your name and address.
I.1. Call to Order
I.2. Roll Call
I.3. Pledge of Allegiance
I.4. Moment of Silence
I.5. Adoption of Agenda
Action taken as a result of this open call for public comments or requests regarding items that are not on the agenda will be limited to directing the staff to study the matter or to reschedule the matter for further consideration at a future Board Meeting. Board Members are permitted to respond to criticism from the public, but may not discuss or take legal action on matters raised during the open call to the public.
III. Board Meeting Minutes Not Previously Approved
III.1. Regular Meetings
November 10, 2021 
III.2. Executive Session
November 10, 2021
Notice must be specific as to the type of report that will be given, subject matter and who will be making the report. The Board may engage in discussion but will take no action during the meeting.
IV.1. Superintendent’s report
IV.1.1. Semester 1 COVID-19 update and County Health benchmarks
Presenter:  Mike Westcott
IV.2. Finance Report
IV.3. Information regarding the ongoing public auction of District surplus items and FY22 Budget update
Presenter:  Lynn Leonard
Specific information on routine vouchers and personnel will be available at the District Office 24 hours prior to Board Meetings. Please see the Governing Board Secretary during regular office hours.(All items listed hereunder are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Board member so requests, in which event the item will be removed from the consent agenda and will be discussed separately.)
V.1. Approval of Routine Vouchers
V.1.1. Expense
1020 - $112,207.66
1021 - $ 91,036.67
V.1.2. Payroll
13 - $356,898.99
14 - $357,168.57
V.1.3. Bookstore Activity
Description:  Ratification of payments 
V.2. Personnel
V.2.1. Certified Staff
V.2.2. Classified Staff
V.3. Donations
Musical Instruments for Choir Department - Barbara Bruhn
Musical Instruments for Band Department - Karen Burkeybyle 
Art Books and Art Supplies - Joseph Bauman
Toner & Drums - Rice Accounting
$500 to Mingus Union High School - Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe
$245.37 + $15.97 to ATORT - (donations made by various patrons when purchasing The 25'th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee tickets)
$500 Classroom Grant for Beth Detwiler's Classroom - Yavapai County Education Foundation 
V.4. Agreements
V.4.1. Contract with SAP/TS for student counseling services
Presenter:  Genie Gee
Description:  Mingus will work with Student Assistant Programs (SAP) to provide effective counseling and support services to facilitate learning and professional growth. The program includes parental approval for counseling of minors, face-to-face or virtual options for counseling, family access to counseling when suggested by the therapist, parent access to extensive website and non-clinical support services, and school referral of students for counseling.  Students will receive 6 counseling visits per problem and the program runs year-round for 24 hours a day to ensure students always have access to support.
For our student population of approximately 1300, the cost is .61/student per month for a total of $9,516.00 per year.
Partnering with SAP will allow us to provide much-needed, cost-effective mental health support for our students and families year-round. We are seeing a dramatic increase in the need for mental health support with our students and believe this program will enhance our current counseling processes and services.
V.4.2. Contract with Princeton Review/
Description:  Mingus will partner with to provide tutoring support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in all academic areas.  We want our students to be connected to a network of support and provides the resources that can benefit our students. offers one-to-one learning solutions for students. connects learners with qualified, expert tutors online, on-demand, 24/7.  They provide tutoring services in more than 200 academic subjects and test preparation areas in an engaging and uplifting learning environment.  Their core philosophy is that when a learner needs help, the best way to get it is right away from an experienced expert. Our experts are online 24/7, ready to help. The mission is to help every learner first realize and then reach their full potential. The results: more than 18 million one-to-one sessions served. 97% of the students, teachers, and professionals who use’s services would recommend to a friend, while 98% of post-session survey respondents are glad their institution offers
V.5. Policy Second Readings
V.5.1. Social media policy GBEF/GBEF-R
V.5.2. Policy GCQE re: intent to retire deadline
V.5.3. ASBA PA’s 712-715
V.5.4. Policy CA modifications related to CMSi audit
(Specific items of District business as listed for consideration - may include various categorical areas as the business of the District necessitates Board discussion, deliberation, and action) 

VI.1. Consideration and possible approval of a Memo Of Understanding with Friends of the Verde River.  The Board will consider and possibly approve an MOU with FVR for the mitigation of runoff and erosion at the northwest corner of the District property at the intersection of Camino Real and Fir Street.  

Presenter:  Mike Westcott
VI.2.  Consideration and possible approval of a District plan for the donation of library books to an appropriate non-profit community agency.  Per District Policy DN-School Properties Disposition and A.R.S. 15-342(7)(18)(35), School and District administration are recommending the donation of outdated library books as part of our library update
Presenter:  Lynn Leonard
(Matters about which the Board may engage in discussion but will take no action during the meeting)
VII.1. Information and Discussion regarding an energy management proposal from Veregy (formerly Midstate Energy)
Presenter:  Mike Westcott
VII.2. Information and Discussion regarding District and high school office holiday office hours during our scheduled winter break between December 20-31.
Presenter:  Mike Westcott
VII.3. Information and discussion related to the new turf maintenance plan.  
Presenter:  Yancey Devore
VII.4. First reading of modifications to Policy and Regulation IJJ - TEXTBOOK/ SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIALS SELECTION AND ADOPTION as related to the recommendations from the CMSi Curriculum Audit.
Presenter:  Mike Westcott
VII.5.  Information and Discussion regarding organized input from coaches and the possible formation of a coaches association.
Presenter:  Yancey Devore
(The Board will not propose, discuss, comment, or take legal action during the meeting).

VIII.1. Requests for Future Agenda Items (Discussion of items is not in order)


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