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November 12, 2019 at 6:00 PM - Governing Board Regular Meeting

I.1. Call to Order
I.2. Roll Call
I.3. Pledge of Allegiance
I.4. Moment of Silence
I.5. Adoption of Agenda
II. Board Meeting Minutes Not Previously Approved
II.1. Work Session
Description:  October 14, 2019
Attachments: (1)
II.2. Regular Meetings
Description:  October 14, 2019
Attachments: (1)
II.3. Executive Session
Description:  October 30, 2019- Public
October 30, 2019- Executive
Attachments: (1)
III. Information Only Items
Description:  (Items to be heard only; the Board will not propose, discuss, or take legal action during the meeting unless the specific matter is properly noticed for legal action.)
III.1. Board Member Reports
Description:  Board Members may provide a brief summary of current events.
III.2. Administration Report
Description:  Superintendent Report- Mingus Union High School Superintendent Mike Westcott will provide an update on the District's current events to the Board.
Principal's Report- Mingus Union High School Principal, Genie Gee, will share on the Student Recognition Committee and our participation in the COIIN for Comprehensive School Mental Health.  
Staff Showcase- Mingus Union High School Principal, Genie Gee, will highlight recent school accomplishments and special projects via slide show presentation.
IV. Public Comments for Items not on the Agenda
Description:  Please complete a "Request to Speak" Form and submit it to the Board President before the meeting is called to order. Action taken as a result of public comments or requests regarding items that are not on the agenda will be limited to directing the staff to study the matter or to reschedule the matter for further consideration at a future Board Meeting. Board Members are permitted to respond to criticism from the public, but may not discuss or take legal action on matters raised during the open call to the public. If you wish to speak to an item on the agenda, the Board President will call upon you at the appropriate time. Before you begin to speak, please identify yourself by clearly stating for the record your name and address. 
Specific information on routine vouchers and personnel will be available at the District Office 24
hours prior to Board Meetings.  Please see Governing Board Secretary during regular office hours.
Description:  (All items listed hereunder are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Board member so requests, in which event the item will be removed from the consent agenda and will be discussed separately.)
V.1. Approval of Routine Vouchers
V.1.1. Expense
Description:  1010 - $  95,092.95
1011 - $185,810.41
1012 - $129,504.31
1013 - $  56,700.37
V.1.2. Payroll
Description:  10 - $300,355.14
V.1.3. Bookstore Activity
Description:  Ratification of payments 
V.2. Personnel
V.2.1. Certified Staff
Description:  Additional Stipend- Football Coach- Erick Quesada
Additional Stipend- Football Coach- Jumanne Robertson
Salary Advancement- PD- Chris Furry
Retirement- Teacher- Mike Gilboy
Extra Duty Stipend- 6th Block- Brenda Zolman
V.2.2. Classified Staff
Description:  Resignation- Bus Driver- Stephan Novak
Resignation- Bus Driver- Amy Hancock
Resignation- Bus Driver- Damien Andre
Resignation- SPED Department Secretary- Christine Sealey
Training- SPED Department Secretary (5days)- Crystal Lopez
Promotion- SPED Department Secretary- Crystal Lopez
New Hire- Campus Security- Abigail Hanks
Retirement- ELL Aide- Janice Montgomery
V.3. Donation
Description:  Hope Closet- 3 Bags of clothes, toiletries, food, school supplies, backpacks and misc. items.
$500 Gift Card for Girls Golf Team- Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce
Autoharp & Soprano Ukelele- Margaret Frey
Art Supplies (Easel, pastel paper, glass and 2 mat cutters)- Sherman & Terry Allen
VI.1. Power School- Discussion and possible approval of using Power School as the new SIS System. (Staff Resource: Lynn Leonard)
VI.2. Sole Source Vendor List- Discussion and possible approval of the updated Sole Source Vendor List. (Staff Resource: Lynn Leonard) 
VI.3. 2nd Reading of the Policies AC & GBA- Discussion and possible approval of the modifications to Policies AC & GBA. (Staff Resource: Mike Westcott)
VI.4. Girls Wrestling Coach Position- Discussion and possible approval to create a Girls Wresting Coach Position. (Staff Resource: Mike Westcott)
VI.5. Girls Wresting Coach Applicant- Discussion and possible approval to hire Danni Schulz who is interested in becoming the Girls Wresting Coach. (Staff Resource: Mike Westcott)
(Matters about which the Board may engage in discussion but will take no action during the meeting)
Description:  1. Curriculum and Data Overview- Information and Discussion led by Principal Genie Gee & Assistant Principal Dr. Justin Hartman Curriculum Audit Report 
Beyond Textbooks
AzMerit Results & School A-F Letter Grade

2. Board Norms- Information and discussion of newly created Board Norms. (Staff resource: Mike Westcott)
VIII. Requests for Future Agenda Items

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