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November 8, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call the meeting to order (Roll Call)
2. Recognition of Visitors
3. "Public Hearing pursuant to the requirements of Sections 10 and 20 of the Bond Issuance Notification Act of the State of Illinois, as amended on the plans to issue General Obligation School Bonds, Series 2022 in the amount not to exceed $2,150,000. "
4. Review/Approve/Disapprove the “RESOLUTION authorizing preliminary proceedings in connection with the issuance of General Obligation School Bonds, Series 2022 of up to $2,150,000 of working cash fund bonds and paying for costs related thereto, as amended.”(Roll Call)
5. Recognize Dana Mueller and Kerri Thaler as Employees of the Month and Kerri Thaler as recipient of Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award 
6. Administrative Committee Reports
6.1. Superintendent's Report
6.2. Principal Brad Rickert Report
6.3. Principal Tron Young Report
6.4. Special Education Coordinator Cassy Shelton Report
6.5. BASSC
6.6. BEST Committee
7. Review/Approve/Disapprove placing the following items on the Consent Agenda (Roll Call)
7.1. Minutes of October 12, 2021 Regular Meeting
7.2. Minutes of October 12, 2021 Executive Session Meeting
7.3. November Bill List and Payroll
7.4. November Bill List Addendum
7.5. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests when received
8. Review/Approve/Disapprove the Consent Agenda (Roll Call)
9. Review/Approve/Disapprove the adoption of the Tentative FY 21 Tax Levy (Roll Call)
10. Review/Approve/Disapprove setting the 2021 Truth in Taxation Levy Hearing for December 13, 2021 at 7:00pm (Roll Call)
11. Discussion on Food Service for 2022-23 
12. Review/Approve/Disapprove the appointment of Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc. as our exclusive insurance broker with respect to our workers compensation with the Zenith Insurance Company, policy no. Z137359001.  (Roll Call)
13. Executive Session
13.1. Appointment - Employment - Compensation - Discipline - Performance - Dismissal of specific employee(s)
13.2. Collective negotiations with exclusive bargaining agent.
14. Review/Approve/Disapprove the employment of Dwauna Paulette as Study Hall Monitor (Roll Call)
15. Review/Approve/Disapprove the employment of Naomi Girton as the van driver/ lunch monitor (Roll Call)
16. Review/Approve/Disapprove the employment of Tenise Graves and Breann Bradfield as Latch Key workers. (Roll Call)

17. Review/Approve/Disapprove the termination of Janae Massa (Roll Call)
18. Adjournment

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