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June 14, 2010 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. NOTE: Tentative, Agenda is Subject to Changes, and additions.
2. Recognize Visitors
3. Review Fund Balances
4. Motion to place the following items on the Consent Agenda
4.1. Approve the Minutes of the May 10, 2010 Regular Board Meeting
4.2. Approve the Minutes of the May 10, 2010 Executive Session
4.3. Approve the Minutes of the May 10, 2010 Policy and Finance Committee Meeting
4.4. Approve the Minutes of the May 21, 2010 Special Meeting
4.5. Approve the Minutes of the June 2, 2010 Policy and Finance Committee Meeting
4.6. Approve the June Bills
4.7. Approve the June Bill List Addendum
4.8. Approve Building Use Request
5. Motion to Approve the Consent Agenda
6.  Public Hearing on the Amended FY 09 Budget - June 28, 2010 at 1:00pm
7. Review the Amended FY 09 Budget
8. Construction Update: Budget, HLS, Grant, Cafeteria, 7 Classrooms, Two Additional Furnaces, Old Fifth Grade Classrooms
9. Action on any issues from #8 as required
10. Approve School Board Policy changes, additions and deletions:
10.1. 4:30 Revenue and Investments
10.2. 4:60 Purchases and Contracts
10.3. 4:90 Activity Funds
10.4. 4:110 Transportation
10.5. 4:170 Safety
10.6. 5:20 Workplace Harassment Prohibited 
10.7. 7:50 School Admissions and Student Transfers To and From Non-District Schools
10.8. 8:30 Visitors To and Conduct on School Property
11. Review DRAFT of Lease for First Student Property
12. Approve Lease of Property from First Student
13. 1 to 1 Mac and RtI Reports - Ms. Elser and Mrs. Shelton - Table until July due to crowded June agenda
14. Employ Teachers for Summer School
15. Employment of Coaches for the FY 10 School Year
16. Discuss Summer Lunch Program:
17. Discuss the 2009 Tax/Rate Levy
18. Action on Food Service Contract with Sodexo for FY 10
19. Adoption of a resolution to comply with the Prevailing Wage Act and to publish the required notification through the St. Clair County R.O.E.
20. Discuss the possibility of tuition based Pre-K,  If the Art Room is finished First or Second Semester
21. Approve Textbook purchases:
21.1. Middle School Science Curriculum
22. Reports by Strategic Action Planning Committees (SPAC):  Mr. Anderson, Ms. Elser, Mrs. Shelton
22.1. SPAC Report - Curriculum and Technology:
22.2. SPAC Report - Environment:
22.3. SPAC Report - Community and Communication:
23. Set Meeting Dates and Times:
23.1. Building Committee Meeting: July 6,2010 6:30 In the new District Board Room
23.2. Policy and Finance Committee Meeting: July 12, 2010 @ 6:30 in the new District Board Room
23.3. Environment Committee Meeting:  July 12, 2010 at 5:30pm - Location to be Determined
23.4. Communication and Community Meeting: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 at 6:30pm in Joseph Arthur Library
23.5. Curriculum and Technology Committee Meeting:  Monday, June 21, 2010 5:30pm in the JAMS Library
23.6. Set Special Meeting (Personnel Committee) for June 22nd or June 29th to set FY 2010 salaries for support personnel
24. Reports: Student Enrollment, Student Assistance Program (SAP), School Improvement Meeting, Nurses Report, SWIS, Library.
25. Newsletters:  Board and Administrator, Hodges and Loizzi, Alliance Legislative Report, School Newsletters.
26. FOI Requests:
27. Miscellaneous:
27.1. Tax Appeals:
27.2. Another Unfunded Mandate:
27.3. BEST Committee Update
28. Executive Session to discuss property acquisition, personnel, Collective Bargaining, employment, evaluation or dismissal of employees.
28.1. Central School District #104 v. City of O'Fallon: Meeting Update
28.1.1. Action on the Request for Leave by Deb Reineke
29. Executive Session for Personnel Collective Bargaining
30. Adjournment

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