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June 8, 2021 at 9:00 AM - Committee of the Whole Meeting

9:00 AM   Jury Attendant Compensation / Deputy Staffing Plan
Speaker(s):  Tim Riley, Sheriff
9:30 AM  Social Media Recruiting / Employee Appreciation Picnic and Events
Speaker(s):  Jackie Stevens, Human Resources Director
9:45 AM   Out of State Travel Policy / 2022 Budget Priorities and Guidance
Speaker(s):  Kersten Kappmeyer, County Administrator
10:15 AM  2020 Probation Annual Report
Speaker(s):  Terry Jaworski, Probation Director
10:30 AM  COVID-19 Situation Update
Speaker(s):  Ann Stehn, Horizon Public Health
11:00 AM  Discussion on County Trail Property in Minnewaska Township
Speaker(s):  Brian Giese, County Engineer
11:30 AM  Ag Society Request for Commissioners
Speaker(s):  Commissioners
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