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July 11, 2022 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to order regular meeting (Roll Call)
2. Public Comments
3. Administrative and Committee Reports
3.1. Superintendent's Report 
3.2. Principal's Report - Dr. Tron Young
3.3. Principal's Report - Mr. Brad Rickert
3.4. Special Education Coordinator's Report - Mrs. Cassy Shelton
3.5. BASSC
3.6. BEST Committee
4. Review/Approve/Disapprove placing the following items on the Consent Agenda - (Roll Call)
4.1. Minutes of June 13, 2022 Building Committee Meeting
4.2. Minutes of June 13, 2022 Regular Board Meeting
4.3. Minutes of June 13, 2022 Regular Board Meeting Executive Session
4.4. July Bill List and Payroll
4.5. July Bill List Addendum
4.6. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests when received
5. Review/Approve/Disapprove Consent Agenda (Roll Call)
6. Review/Approve/Disapprove the 2nd reading of board policy drafts, updates, and reviews. (Roll Call)

5 Year Review

3:70 Succession of Authority

5:110 Recognition for Service

5:240 Suspension

5:70 Religious Holiday

6:330 Achievement and Awards

6:70 Teaching About Religions

Draft Update 

2:230 Public Participation of School Board Meetings and Petitions to the Board

4:70 Resource Conservation

5:80 Court Duty

6:290 Homework

6:80 Teaching About Controversial Issues

7:15 Student and Family Privacy Rights

7:270 Administering Medication to Students

Draft Update Rewritten

7:285 Anaphylaxis Prevention, Response and Management Program

7. Review/Approve/Disapprove the Consolidated District Plan. (Roll Call)
8. Review/Approve/Disapprove the 2022-23 Student Handbook. (Roll Call)
9. Review/Approve/Disapprove the agreement with Integra Therapy for the 22-23 school year. (Roll Call)
10. Review/Approve/Disapprove the Community Eligibility Provision for the 2022-23 school year that provides free breakfast and lunch for every student. (Roll Call)
11. Review/Approve/Disapprove the recycling of outdated technology equipment. (Roll Call)
12. Executive (Closed) Session (5 ILCS 120/2 (c)) - (Roll Call)
12.1. Appointment - Employment - Compensation - Discipline - Performance - Dismissal of specific employee(s)
12.2. Collective negotiations with exclusive bargaining agent.
13. Review/Approve/Disapprove rescinding the employment of Julie Madden. (Roll Call)
14. Review/Approve/Disapprove the employment of Natalie Bell as the after-school latch key supervisor teacher. (Roll Call)
15. Review/Approve/Disapprove the employment of Suzanne Collier as ESL teacher/Special Education Co-Teacher. (Roll Call)
16. Review/Approve/Disapprove the employment of Jamie Keys as a K-4 music teacher.  (Roll Call)
17. Review/Approve/Disapprove the employment of Tiger Scott as a summer custodian. (Roll Call)
18. Review/Approve/Disapprove the employment of Sophia Espolt and Margie Favia as after-school Latch Key workers. (Roll Call)
19. Review/Approve/Disapprove the employment of a math interventionist at the middle school. (Roll Call)
20. Review/Approve/Disapprove the employment of Amanda Cayton as the ELP teacher at the middle school. (Roll Call)
21. Review/Approve/Disapprove the employment of Lanille Sarto as the middle school science teacher. (Roll Call)
22. Review/Approve/Disapprove the resignation of Business Manager Sheryl Hansen. (Roll Call)
23. Review/Approve/Disapprove the resignation of teacher and coach Zachary Frank. (Roll Call)
24. Review/Approve/Disapprove the resignation of custodian Christopher (Kelly) Pyeatt. (Roll Call) 
25. Review/Approve/Disapprove the resignation of  K-4 music teacher Chloe Frisby. (Roll Call)
26. Adjourn

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