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May 11, 2020 at 5:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call Meeting to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll Call and Establish a Quorum
4. Additional Items
5. Public Comment
6. Agenda
6.A. Consent Agenda:  Lori Scharenbroich (2 minutes)
All items listed below are considered to be routine by the Crosslake Community School Board and will be acted upon by one motion; however, any board member may request that items on the Consent Agenda be removed from it for independent consideration. Any items so identified will be moved to the Action Item portion of the Agenda
6.A.1. Board Minutes from April 13, 2020 Board meeting
6.A.2. EE Committee Meeting Minutes
6.A.3. Curriculum Meeting
6.A.4. Personnel
6.A.4.a. Math teacher grades 5-8
Description:  Position has been posted; start of first round of interviewing will begin soon
6.A.5. Food Service Reports
6.B. Greenleaf of Environmental Literary 
Presenter:  Clifford Skagen
Description:  Trout Release

6.C. Action Items: Lori Scharenbroich (5 minutes)
6.C.1. Review and Approve 3/2020 Financial Information
6.C.2. Approve policies 445, 501
6.C.3. Appoint Board Member Parent
6.C.4. Elect Chair of Board
6.C.5. MACS dues
6.D. Information/Discussion Items: (30 minutes)
6.D.1. Policy 418 (Drug-Free Workplace/Drug-Free District)
6.D.2. Policy review (first reading):
504 Student Dress & Appearance
6.D.3. Procurement Policy (second reading)
6.D.4. Review Contractual Goals
Presenter:  Lori Scharenbroich
6.D.5. 2020-2021 Board Meeting Schedule
6.D.6. Summer Camp
Presenter:  Cliff Skagen
Description:  A funding source for what would traditionally be called summer school. CCS will call it Summer Camp is available to charter school.  This funding source is a Minnesota statute that provides a specific dollar amount to charter schools based on their enrollment. 

Summer camp is offered to our students (no criteria ) with programs we design. 
6.D.7. Enrollment Cap Application
6.E. Reports: (55 minutes)
6.E.1. Director Report: Cliff Skagen (5 minutes) 
Description:  Budgeted enrollment is 280; Actual enrollment is 324 as of 4/30/2020.
Budget ADM is 280; Actual ADM is 300.
Online enrollment is 187.
Seat-based enrollment is 137
Attendance: Goal is 92% or higher; April attendance was 90%.
6.E.2. EE Committee Report: Lance Swanson (5 minutes)
6.E.3. Finance Committee Report: Beverly Loeffler (5 minutes)
FY 21 Budget (first reading)
Description:  Budget Assumptions:
FY21 Budget based on 0% Staff Increase
FY21 Budget based on 2% Staff Increase
FY 21 Budget Notes

6.E.4. Academic Performance/Assessment Results: Beverly Loeffler (5 minutes)
6.E.5. Curriculum Committee: Ronda Veit (5 minutes)
6.E.6. Wellness Committee: Mitch Swaggert (5 minutes)
6.E.7. Community Engagement Committee: Heidi O'Brien (5 minutes)
6.E.8. Marketing Committee: Lori Scharenbroich (5 minutes)
6.E.9. Facilities Committee: Mitch Swaggert (5 minutes)
6.E.10. Director Evaluation Committee: Lori Scharenbroich (5 minutes)
6.F. Authorizer Update
Presenter:  Lori Scharenbroich
6.F.1. Environmental Notes
6.F.2. Board Observation Feedback
6.F.3. Sounding Board
7. June Meeting Preparation: Lori Scharenbroich (5 minutes)
7.A. Suggestion for discussion topics for regular meeting
7.B. Policy Review:
510 School Activities
513 Student Promotion, Retention, & Program Design
806 Crisis Management Policy
       Social Media Policy
8. Board meeting evaluation
9. Adjourn the Regular Meeting

Special board Meeting to discuss Budget May 18, 2020 from 5 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.

Next regular meeting: June 8, 2020 at 5 p.m.
10. Staffing for 2020-2021
Description:  All staff will be preserved for Sy 2020-2021 despite a reduction in one kindergarten class.  Heidi O'Brien and Mindy Glazer will job share next year with each teacher working 0.5 in the Pre-Kindergarten class and 0.5 as a Learning Coach for our Online Program.
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